Timbaland talks about Aaliyah, new Nas track "Sinatra In the Sands" and new Missy album

In this short new interview Timbaland had many things to share. He starts with giving us his opinion about the posthumous Aaliyah songs.

He also reveals that he made a song called "Sinatra In the Sands" together with Nas, Jay Z & Justin Timberlake. Interesting! I think Tim & Nas are cooking up more stuff for Nas' new album since they're all in a zone right now. Be on the lookout for the new Nas album!

Next Timbaland says Missy Elliott is ready and was inspired by the Magna Carta Holy Grail commercial. He hints that he & Missy are in the studio again! Are they redoing the whole "Block Party / Class in Session" album? I hope this means we'll finally get a new Missy album!

Last but not least Timbaland says he's on tour with Jay & Justin. I'm wondering if he would do another dope intermission with Freestyle Steve during the "20/20 Experience World Tour" after the "Legends of the Summer tour" will be over just like they did during the FutureSex/LoveShow tour...

Check out the interview here:

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