Timbaland prepares posthumous Michael Jackson project

Here we are again with another Timbaland interview from Diddy's Revolt TV! This time Timbo has big news to share with us. He says that L.A. Reid (manager of MJ's music) came to him and asked if he wanted to work on some posthumous Michael Jackson songs. Of course Timbo couldn't pass the offer and started working on them. He reveals that the first single will be "Chicago" which I heard many fans already wanted to hear in the past.

I've read some comments on the web and a lot of people claim that Timbaland is a hypocrite for working on Michael Jackson songs while saying that artists like Drake & Chris Brown can't work on Aaliyah songs. The big difference here is that Tim was asked by L.A. Reid to work on these tracks and he was NOT asked to work on Aaliyah songs (which I'm sure of he would do as well if he was asked).
Timbaland loves Chris Brown and Drake and has collaborations with both of them (Drake is even featured on JT's upcoming album), he just thinks their posthumous Aaliyah songs didn't do her any justice and didn't feel like they were her songs.

Watch the full interview here and let us know what you think of this posthumous MJ project:

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