Carson Lueders - Lonely (Timbaland) (19’) (Audio)

17 year old Youtuber singing sensation Carson Lueders from Spokane, Washington released his single titled ‘Lonely’ produced by Timbaland, check it out above and get it on iTunes.

Dave East Talks Working With Timbaland

On “Seventeen” there’s that dialogue with the principal, you not wanting to go to class, him threatening you with detention… Right, and that was me, man! And it’s crazy because I feel like taking the Method Man role [on Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga] played into it, because on the show I’m playing a 19-year old kid, and just me tapping into that, it made me think about my own life. And, who was I at 17? What was my attitude like? What was I saying, what was I going through? You know what I mean?

And shout to Timbaland, he produced the record. Got in the studio with Timbo and we went through a bunch of beats. We might have done eight records, but that one stuck. And he even said, “Yo, I don’t even know you! I mean, I know Dave East, but I don’t know you like that! And you brought me into that.” And also I just wanted my mother to be on it – like the whole waking me up for school thing [on “Way to School”]?  


Dave East - Seventeen (Timbaland, Shucati, Mike Kuz) (19’) (Audio)

Dave East released his debut studio album titled ‘Survival’ via Def Jam Recordings/Mass Appeal Records/From The Dirt with a Timbaland/Shucati/Mike Kuz Co-Production on the tune ‘Seventeen’. Make sure to cop the tune on iTunes and check it out below and check out the tune below.

Dave East - Seventeen (19')

Ant Clemons Talks Working With Timbaland

Ant Clemons sat down to talk about working with Kanye West & Timbaland on his latest single ‘4 Letter Word’. “A sudden call to meet West in the studio in Miami led to a session with Timbaland, who unexpectedly appeared as a co-producer on five different Jesus Is King tracks. “Timbaland’s like, ‘Kanye’s been talking about you nonstop, you’re one of his favorite artists, I had to meet you,'” Clemons recalls. The veteran producer later added drums to the singer’s first solo release, “4 Letter Word.”


Timbaland In The Studio With Yella Beezy