Timbaland Previews Collaboration With R&B Singer Marzz (2019)

A new upcoming R&B singer titled Marzz got Timbaland’s attention whereas they promptly collaborated together in the studio, check out this little sneak peak of the collaboration below.

Sidnie Tipton - Chase Me (Timbaland) (19') (AUDIO)

Sidnie Tipton teasted her new single with TImbaland a while back and she finally released it this week, check it out below and get it Here!


Timbaland & Co. At The REVOLT Summit In Atlanta (2019)

On Thursday, Sept. 12 the three-day REVOLT Summit began in Atlanta filled with captivating panels that covered topics such as fashion, technology, music production, comedy, social media, and art with Swizz Beatz & Timbaland. “There’s a difference between a producer and a beat-maker. It’s a big difference.

And I feel we need more produces than beat makers. We got a lot of beat-makers out there doing a lot of beats, but they not equipped enough to get in front of artists and construct a song. Challenge that artist in the studio. Let them know why your presence is important because... [The artist is] going to still collect beats and not care about who you are. But as a producer, [the artist] kind of [has] to go back and make that phone call [to you]. That’s why me and Timbaland are still in the business 20 years later.”

Swizz Beatz stated. Timbaland shared the Swizz Beatz songs he wishes he would have made, saying, “Ain’t no song gonna come one in the club that’s hotter than mine,’ that’s what I said in my head because I’m competitive, but when that [Jigga My Nigga] came out…I was kind of like mad at Jay-Z for going to you. It was so hot. I was like damn I wish I could have made that beat. That was one of the illest beats I ever heard at that time. And then the other was [Money, Cash, Hoes].”