Timbaland At The Kelly TV Show (2017)

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Timbaland sat down with Kelly to talk about his new show The Pop Game, check it out below at 6:46.

Mr. Carmack With Timbaland

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“After meeting this man, I never want to wash my hand again. Also Kaytranada was supposed to be in this but terrible photographer. Congratulations again, Chance The Rapper!” - Mr. Carmack

Mr. Carmack - Cocaine Mr. Carmack - Hectic *instagram.com/mr_carmack

Nelly Furtado Talks ‘Say It Right’

Nelly Furtado - Say It Right feat. Timbaland (06')


Timbaland’s First Look At ‘The Pop Game’, Grant Landis - Off Limits (Snippet) (17’)

“Being a pop star is more than singing,” Timbaland explains. “It’s style, swag, and confidence.” One of the five young artists is Grant Landis, a 17-year-old from Joplin, Missouri, who takes a crack at performing in front of Timbaland and other producers in the exclusive preview below.

Grant has completed two tours, written with country superstars Sugarland, and racked up millions of views on YouTube, but he still needs to prove he has chops in the studio. “I’m feeling pretty good without my guitar — kind of, a little bit,” the singer stammers. “It’s just really uncomfortable for me.” "The Pop Game" will premiere at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 21, on the Lifetime channel.


Timbaland Previews New Track At ‘Timbaland & Friends’ Event (2017)

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Timbaland hosted an event this Saturday called ‘Timbaland & Friends’ in Los Angeles, where he performed some of his greatest hits on stage and a new upcoming track which will be out very soon, what do you think on the new tune, check out some snippets below.

Timbaland - Untitled (Snippet) (17') *instagram.com/djfreestylesteve

Tink: “Only Thing Holding Up Debut Album Is Timbaland”

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For the Chicago-based Hip Hop/R&B multi-talented Tink, she follows in the footsteps of a long lineage of R&B power hitters in the house that Timbaland built. That’s the kind of pressure that bursts pipes and could crumble any veteran but the multitalented Chicago native has the poise of someone who has been here before. At just 21-years-old, Tink has successfully built a name and career for herself despite not having a proper debut album throughout her nearly five-year career.

Tink stopped by the DXHQ this past Thursday to discuss her latest mixtape Winter’s Diary 4 as well as the hold up with her debut album Think Tink. “When I make music I want the fans to hear it the same day,” Tink exclaimed to the #DXLive panel of Editor-in-Chief Trent Clark, Justin “The Company Man” Hunte, and contributors Jake Rohn and Marcel Williams. “When you get signed and you’re working with a label and stuff like that you have deadlines and you have to meet certain schedules.


Justin Timberlake Talks New Album (February 9th) (2017)

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has been Interviewed by hollywoodreporter.com where he talked about his new album. At this juncture of his career, Timberlake still is more pop star than movie star. He doesn't have his next film lined up after the Allen project — which wrapped in November — but he sure knows what his next album will be (even if it doesn't yet have a release date).

He's been working on it for months, collaborating with The Neptunes, Timbaland and Max Martin (who helped write "Can't Stop The Feeling!" and two of the other four original songs Timberlake penned for the soundtrack, which Timberlake also executive produced). In fact, just the other night, he was holed up in the studio, "caught up in a creative tornado," until three in the morning. "It sounds more like where I've come from than any other music I've ever made," he describes what he's been working on. "It's Memphis. It's Southern American music. But I want to make it sound modern — at least that's the idea right now." Thanks to thepestilence.


Timbaland Brings Nelly Furtado To #ThePopGame

Timbaland brought Nelly Furtado to #ThePopGame, February 21st at 10/9c on Llife Time TV.

Tdot Illdude Previews Timbaland New Music

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Timbaland has been in the studio with Tdot illdude where he previewed Timbaland his new tune titled ‘I Don't Wanna Leave’, check it out below.

JoJo Reveals Working With Timbaland

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JoJo revealed for melty.fr that she worked with Timbaland once again. The French site, melty.fr Interviewed singer JoJo where she talked about her upcoming projects and how it was working with Timbaland on Lose Control5 years ago. "It was really nice to work with Timbaland in the studio, and at that time he helped me to trust myself, I'm a pretty perfectionist.

My voice was perfect, he was always there telling me "Stop, do not be too hard on yourself, your voice is great there." “I worked with Timbaland recently on 'one of his projects that will come out this year.'' Stay tuned for more information, thanks to  Timbalandfan.


Timbaland - Move The World feat Raja Kumari (Snippet) (17')

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Here is another preview from Timbaland’s Zumba Project. This time around with Raja Kumari with the tune ‘Move The World’, check it out below.

Timbaland - Move The World feat Raja Kumari (Snippet) (17')

Missy Elliott - I'm Better feat. (Lamb) (Official Video) (2017)

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Missy Elliott has returned with a new song called “I’m Better.” The song features Lamb. Missy’s last proper studio album, The Cookbook, was released in 2005. Directed by Missy Elliott and Dave Meyers, the clip, produced and featuring a verse by Lamb, builds on Elliott's future-forward off-kilter aesthetic.

Missy Elliott also released a new video teasing an upcoming documentary featuring Pharrell, Busta & Co. showing a slew of her admirers describing the musician. "She came out and just completely blew people away," Pharrell said. The doc is set for release later this year.

Obs3ssed - Nobody (Zumba Theme) (Timbaland) (17')

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Here is finally a preview of what we can expect of the ZUMBA x Timbaland project that should drop soon on YouTube. The Zumba Theme, produced by Timbaland, has been performed by Timbaland’s girl group Obs3ssed and it’s called ‘Nobody’, you can check out a Live Version of the tune below, and according to Standard’s Review of the ZUMBA Project, there will be more than one tune produced by Timbaland.

“A full body workout that combines HIIT with the science of Synced Music Motivation. The class is divided into four quadrants that get increasingly tough, set to music – some of which has been produced by Timbaland - that is crafted to drive the intensity. Though I still punch like Kermit the Frog, I think I manage a bit more power thanks to Timbaland’s standout songs.” You can check out the full review HERE and there is also an Interview by the girls below where they talk about working with Timbaland among other things.

Obs3ssed - Nobody (Zumba Theme) (Timbaland) (17')


ole Signs New Deal With Timbaland (2017)

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Toronto-born rights management company ole has extended and expanded its partnership with Timbaland. ole and Timbaland’s pop and urban publishing co-venture Bluestone, founded in 2012, will continue – with industry veteran Eric Spence continuing to work with ole to facilitate the future activity of the company. ole has also expanded its worldwide administrative deal with Timbaland himself, including the addition of YouTube and other digital video platforms.

As part of the extension of Bluestone, ole and Timbaland have also extended their relationship with hit songwriter and American rapper, Garland Mosley (ak Sebastian), on a worldwide administrative deal. In 2013, Mosley, brother of Timbaland and best known by his stage name Sebastian, was the first deal signed by Bluestone. “ole is very pleased to extend the term of our successful, 5-year co-venture with Timbaland and Bluestone,” said ole CEO & Chairman Robert Ott.


Timbaland Reunites With Danjahandz In The Studio

ghgfhgfTimbaland posted a video on his Instagram page with his longtime collaborator Danjahandz working in the studio, stay tuned for more information! “We have a special type of work ethic... @theonlydanja nothing but πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯@earflower_inc Chris Godbey is hands down the best engineer...”
hghgf hgfghfhg

Missy Elliott & Timbaland In 1997

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Jane Zhang Talks Working With Timbaland

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Back in 2005, Jane Zhang was first recognized in an all-female, Chinese singing competition called Super Girl and shocked the world with her incredible voice. Week after week, 400 Million People tuned in to watch her sing in front of a massive audience. Twelve years later, Jane Zhang’s talent is still recognized in the music world. In 2016, she collaborated with Grammy Award-Winning Producer, Timbaland on the song “Dust My Shoulders Off,” and it was a Top 10 Single on iTunes. The song’s message clearly states you have to keep moving push forward despite what life throws at you.

Jane Zhang understands the music industry is very cut-throat and judgmental, but she’s determined to leave a ground-breaking impact in the industry. In “Dust My Shoulders Off,” she says, “The world keeps spinning, life goes on and on/ I won’t cry for long.” And with Timbaland co-signing, Jane Zhang will definitely be an artist to look out for in 2017. Singersroom briefly spoke with the jaw-dropping vocalist about singing, her collab with Timbaland, and more.

What’s the concept for the song “Dust My Shoulders Off”?
I come from a different culture, so I believe that there are many different ways to convey our feelings. But there must be some similarities in our lives because we are all humans dealing with real life problems. So I wanted the lyrics to really just reflect the real life. I hope when you listen to the song, it feels like a close friend who’s chatting with you about how your day is going.


Happy 38th Birthday, Aaliyah

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She’s been gone over 15 years now, but Aaliyah -- who would’ve turned 38 today (Jan. 16) had her life not been cut short in a 2001 plane crash -- left a lasting imprint on the culture. The influence of her fearless fashions and strong sense of self can clearly be seen on today’s music stars, runways and beauty palettes. Aaliyah sounded and telegraphed older than her years. When it came to fashion, she was a trailblazer, confidently mixing streetwear with high fashion long before the word “athleisure” came into the style lexicon, RIP Aaliyah.

Aaliyah - If Your Girl Only Knew feat. Timbaland & Missy Elliott (Timbaland Remix) (96')