Kanye West’s Timbaland Collaboration ‘Law Of Attraction aka Chakras’ Leakes Online

Kanye West is preparing to release his follow up to 'Ye' since last September with his new project titled ‘Yandhi’ and a bunch of new Kanye West tracks leaked this morning including 'Law Of Attraction' aka ‘Chakras’ which is Co-Produced by Timbaland and Angel Lopez according to DRTWRK who also Co-Produced the tune and responded to the leak saying “I'm devastated right now.”

Angel Lopez also responded to ‘Law Of Attraction’ saying “Musicians have the privilege and incredible opportunity to shape and imprint the sound of our culture, influences and creativity. Our love for music brings us into rooms with like-minded people where we invest and cultivate our time, energy and passion into creating and bringing life to music that evokes feeling.

This letter is to shed light on unreleased, unfinished music that gets illegally leaked online and how unjust and damaging it is to everyone involved. As musicians, we know and value what this process of creation and refining entails. When music is leaked, the essence of our collaborations, our crafts and our livelihood are jeopardized. The leaking of music isn't for the fans or for the love of music; it's an invasion of privacy, a violation to all artists and creatives involved and a disservice to the art of music.”


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