Timbaland Previews New Beat (October 18) (2017)

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Here is another Timbaland snippet taken from his Instargram account and it's pretty dope. I don't think this will ever be a finished beat but that tune is dope and it looks like he is sampling Aaliyah's 'We Need A Resolution', check out the Instagram post as well as my Extended Mix of the tune below.
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Timbaland - Untitled (October 18) (Snippet) (17')

Bruno Martini - Road feat. Johnny Franco (Timbaland) (17')

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Here is the full tune and the Official Video to Bruno Martini’s ‘Road’ Co-Produced by Timbaland.

Ski Mask The Slump God - With Vengeance feat. Offsett (Timbaland) (17')

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Here is a new collaboration between rapper Ski Mask The Slump God and Timbaland on the tune ‘With Vengeance’ featuring Offsett, check it out below.

Grammy-Winning Engineer Anthony Kilhoffer Recalls Memorable Studio Sessions With Timbaland

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Anthony Kilhoffer talks working with Timbaland on Kanye West’s Graduation album from 2007. After putting the sophomore slump narrative to rest with Late Registration, the Stanley Kubrick-inspired West craved a new mountain to conquer. During an era in which Nas claimed hip-hop was dead, Kanye helped rejuvenate the genre by injecting an electronic sound into hip-hop that was never before seen. Coming off touring the world with U2, Kanye had newfound inspiration he would then pour into his next album.

A war of words with 50 Cent also pushed his limits of creativity as the two rap stars put their careers on the line in a sales battle, which the loser was to retire from making music. This project would feature significantly fewer guest artists than his sophomore effort Late Registration, but that album's co-producer Jon Brion would remain heavily involved in the creative direction as West -- who suffers from synesthesia -- began painting his masterpiece shortly after that LP's summer 2005 release. Kanye exuded his appreciation of design by calling on Japanese pop artist, Taskashi Murakami to create Graduation’s influential cover image.

Sam Smith Teases New Single 'Everyone Prays In The End' With Timbaland

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Sam Smith just teased his new single titled 'Everyone Prays In The End' on Instagram that has Timbaland credited on the tune. The single arrives this Friday (October 6th), stay tuned for more information!

Timbaland Shots New Video With Belly

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Timbaland just posted some pictures of a new Video Shot together with rapper Belly directed by Andrew Dandler, stay tuned for more information. Photos by Mark Nguyen. Thanks to FUBU & Lil’ Man.
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Sam Smith Confirms Timbaland On New Album

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Sam Smith has been Interviewed by Rolling Stones where he talked about his new album and his new single, where he revealed that he has a Duet with Timbaland on the new album. “He also revealed that he collaborated on one track with Timbaland, and the album includes a duet. It was so important when I was writing this record for me to just challenge myself and be scared again” The album is due December.


6LACK In The Studio With Timbaland (Preview)

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6LACK is quietly having a standout year in the music business and is slowly getting recognized as one of the best young voices the genre has to offer. Now, he's continuing his musical ascent and teaming up with one of the greatest producers of the last quarter-century: Timbaland. Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
Both of these men have already shared some photos and video from their time spent in the studio together, with Timbaland even commenting that the partnership will be yielding some "hits" for listeners to enjoy, check out the little snippet below.
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The Fader x Aaliyah Cover (May/June Issue) (2008)

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Timbaland x MusicConnection.com Interview, Talks Opera Noir & Searching For Next Big Thing

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MusicConnection.com caught up with Timbaland right after it was announced that he’s inked a deal with Amazon to produce his long-awaited multimedia project, Opera Noir where they also talked about his future collaborations and searching for the next big thing.

Music Connection: You’ve gone from producing music, to producing music for television, to producing TV and now actually appearing on TV as a talent judge. When did you get that TV bug?
Timbaland: I always wanted it, but I had to get ready as a person, to prepare myself for challenges. A lot of people get in comfort zones, but I’m one of those people that flexes outside of my comfort zone and do things that I like. I always loved TV and movies, so why not try to be a part of it? I’m still producing music, but it’s not just music anymore; it’s producing films, producing music for films and being part of TV is a whole other section of entertainment. For me it’s about evolving as a producer.

MC: We just got word about you developing another album and TV series for Amazon. Can you tell us about your Opera Noir that’s in the works?
Timbaland: First of all, the album is my best work, and it kinda identifies who I was born to be. And that’s why I’ve taken this journey through TV and film. The music of Opera Noir is so incredible, and I don’t like to talk about my own music, but for me, it’s like I found myself and what I’ve been meaning to do all my life. And that’s why I sat on it for like three or four years, until the right thing came around. I didn’t budge, I didn’t sell out. I really think that god had me sit on this project for a while until the right opportunity and now I have the right opportunity to showcase it. I think that this is going to be about a whole other side of Tim.


Timbaland - This Shyt Is Ours (DJ Freakiii Edit) (17')

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Remember that Instagram Video of Timbo previewing a beat he’ll play at the Swizz Beatz Beat Battle and that tune with the Jay-Z sample, well that tune knocks and that’s why I’ve had to make an extended version of it, check it out below.

Timbaland x Genius.com Interview, Talks ‘Boy Band’ & Swizz Beatz Beat Battle

"I'm looking for staying power—people who understand that this is not about a show." Timbo spoke with Genius about the season’s top contenders and his favorite boy band from the ‘80s. He also discussed the inspiration behind his beat battle with Swizz Beatz: meditation is a big factor. You can see Timbaland on ABC’s “Boy Band” on Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

Genius: How did you get involved with Boy Band in the first place?
Timbaland: [The network] showed what they was tryna do and I thought it was a perfect match for what I am trying to do, so it worked out perfect.

What really sold you on it?
Just working with kids. Being involved with young talent of today and seeing them rise to the occasion and what they’re tryna do in their life. I’m all about helping the young musicians and artists of today.