Tink x Be-Street.com Interview, Talks Timbaland & Debut Album

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Photos by Shaun Michael, three years ago, Timbaland recounted a dream in which Aaliyah’s ghost told him that Tink was “the one.” Shortly after hearing Tink spit fire over Jeremih’s soulful croon on “Don’t Tell Nobody,” the the legendary producer and tastemaker flew the young artist (née Trinity Home, her moniker is her childhood nickname) to Atlanta to get them in the studio together. “The connection was instant,” Tink tells me. The two have been collaborating since; their major project being Tink’s forthcoming debut album. “I’m always working on the album,” she says. “It’s going to be very special.”

Be-Street.com speaks to Tink just after she drops the fourth installment of the her mixtape series on August 25. Winter’s Diary 4 features star-studded production by Jahlil Beats (of Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot Nigga”), Spanish mash-up duo Cookin Soul, C-Sick (of the drill hit “Val Venis” by King L), and of course her beloved mentor Timbaland. “I’m really happy with it,” Tink says, expanding that finalizing the mixtape was a long haul because she’s a perfectionist. “Some people make a song in four hours and say its done.” But Tink is the opposite. She’ll go through five rough drafts until she’s satisfied. “I take my precious time until everything is right.” And her work ethic shows.


Alex Marshall Talks Working With Timbaland

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Singer-songwriter Alex Marshall released his debut solo single “Hurricane” earlier this summer and is putting the finishing touches on his debut solo album. Marshall got the solo career break he was looking for after doing some songwriting and production for an artist named Katelyn Jae for Wright Entertainment. A month and a half after performing a duet with Jae for a demo, he got a phone call he’s unlikely to ever forget.

“I get a phone call from this European number. I’m like, ‘Hello, who is this?’ and they’re like, ‘Hey, this is so and so from [Justin Timberlake’s] camp, Wright Entertainment, could you be in Amsterdam in two days?’” Marshall told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “I’m thinking it’s one of my friends messing with me or something and they were like ‘No, we need you to — can you be in Amsterdam in two days?’ Needless to say, two days later I’m landing in Amsterdam.”


Lady Leshurr Reveals Working With Timbaland

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The rapper learned how to make music in a Solihull youth club – now, after a false start, she’s working with Timbaland and is the toast of US hip-hop. ‘Basically,’ she says, ‘I’m on the up’ Lady Leshurr has just come back from the US. She has been spending a lot of time there this year, she says: “We’ve been to Atlanta, LA, New Orleans, Miami, New York.” She played a sold-out gig in the latter, the audience’s enthusiasm apparently undimmed by the fact that she raps with a distinct Brummie twang:

“I didn’t think they’d be able to understand me, didn’t think my accent, of all accents, would have crossed over like that. But they were singing my lyrics back at me. It was hilarious, hearing people with American accents saying ‘bredrin’ and ‘wasteman’, all that British urban slang.” But mostly, she’s been working on her debut album. “Working with a producer called Deputy, who made Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money; Bangladesh, he made Lil’ Wayne’s A Milli, and Diva and Video Phone for Beyoncé.


Missy Elliott - You Don't Know (Instrumental) (Kaizer Soze) (99’)

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Jacob aka Kaizer Soze is back with the remakes. This is the Timbaland produced tune ‘You Don't Know’ from Missy Elliott’s ‘Da Real World album from 1999 remaked by Kaizer Soze.

Missy Elliott - You Don't Know (Instrumental) (Kaizer Soze) (99’)

Aaliyah - I Care 4 U (Instrumental) (Kaizer Soze) (01')

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And another Remake from this week by Kaizer Soze doing Timbaland’s ‘I Care 4 U’ by Aaliyah from her 2001 album with the same name.

Aaliyah - I Care 4 U (Instrumental) (Kaizer Soze) (01')

Milli Beatz x GreenLabel.com Interview, Talks Timbaland

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How Instagram Connected Timbaland To His Distant New Protégé. Not every day does a four-time-Grammy-award-winning super-producer stumble upon your music, but for young German Jetmir Salii (better known as Milli Beatz), this unheard-of good fortune happened. A Timbaland fan who had been inspired to make music in the first place by “Indian Flute,” Milli logged on to Instagram one day and opened a DM that surprisingly wasn’t from a struggle rapper inquiring after free beats—instead, it was a life-changing message from the King himself, Timbaland.

Wasting no time, the VA legend took the Switzerland-based soundsmith under his wing and presented him a co-publishing deal with ole-Bluestone, which Milli gladly sealed with his signature. Since then, the two have co-produced records for Pusha T and Bryson Tiller’s platinum album, T R A P S O U L, among other projects. As Milli took a brief intermission from working on the project Textbook Timbo, I got the chance to speak with him and his manager, Larry Live, to figure out how everything unfolded for the young protégé.
“Indian Flute”


R.I.P. Aaliyah

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On 25 August 2001, singer Aaliyah was killed in a plane crash, cutting short the life and career of one of the brightest and most promising talents in pop and R&B. The music world was, understandably, in shock – Aaliyah was just 22 and, while she had been having hits since her early teens, was beginning to enter the most successful and innovative phase of her career. R.I.P. Baby Girl.

Aaliyah - Are You That Somebody feat. Timbaland (98')

Tink - Modern Wave feat. Timbaland (Official Video) (2016)

Here is the Official Video to Tink’s Timbaland produced tune 'Modern Wave' from her new mixtape 'Winter's Diary 4' directed by Julius Conway.

Tink Releases ‘Winter's Diary 4’ With 2 Timbaland Tracks

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Tink just released her new Mixtape Winter's Diary 4’ with 2 new Timbaland tracks with ‘Show It’ and ‘Modern Wave’ that features also Timbaland on the tune. She also collaborated with 1500 Or Nothin', The Cookin Soul, Jahlil Beats and more. Remember Tink’s Can U Hear Me Now’ beat, well that tune is not produced by Timbaland at all, it’s produced by ‘Dyhmn’ who also made the cut with that Interlude on the Mixtape, check out the Timbaland Tracks below and download the mixtape HERE.

Tink - Show It (16') Tink - Modern Wave feat. (Timbaland) (16') Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
Tink - Winter's Diary 4 (2016)
  1. Lime Light (Lynus)
  2. If It All Falls Down (1500 Or Nothin')
  3. Show It (Timbaland)
  4. Be Single (Interlude) (The Cookin Soul)
  5. Wet Aquafina (DJ Wes, Contraband Nabeyin)
  6. Surprizes (DJ Wes)
  7. Stay On It (C Sick)
  8. Your Side
  9. Nothing Else Matters (DJ Wes, Tyler Jasper)
  10. MVP (Jahlil Beats)
  11. Real Upgrade (DJ Wes)
  12. What Is Real Love (KC Beatz)
  13. Modern Wave feat. (Timbaland)
  14. Pullin Up (Interlude) (Dyhmn)
  15. Blood Sweat & Tears (KC Beatz)

Timbaland & Magoo - Beep Beep (Instrumental) (DJ) (97’)

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Jacob aka Kaizer Soza just remaked the classic Timbaland & Magoo tune ‘Beep Beep’ from Timbaland and Magoo's 1997 album ‘Welcome To Our World’, peep it below.

Timbaland & Magoo - Beep Beep (Instrumental) (97')

Timbaland Talks Working On Zumba Project

Timbaland is crafting songs for STRONG by Zumba, a new non-dance inspired workout focusing on high-intensity interval training, bodyweight exercises and strength training paired with music to match every move. "I've always been into fitness, and music is a big part of exercising for me, and I feel like STRONG by Zumba was a great way — with my edge, my music style — to put it together," the 44-year-old Grammy winner said in an interview Tuesday. Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
The Timbaland-produced song "Nobody," performed by his new girl group, Obs3ssed, will be used by STRONG by Zumba instructors during training sessions; the track won't be available for sale or streaming. Timbaland is also working on another song with fellow producer Scott Storch for the program. STRONG by Zumba isn't like typical Zumba classes where Latin dances are at the forefront. Timbaland says his music is designed to help people get through workouts with more ease and inspire people to push their limits at the gym.

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"(STRONG is) a step out for them. I think what they were really doing by working with someone like Timbaland, it's almost like you've been typecast into a certain role ...when you step out and do something different than what you've done before, then you look to make a splash and bring a different type of energy to it," said Ntiedo Etuk, CEO of YG Studios, an online platform that pairs trainers with clients.

Zumba has worked with other musicians, including Daddy Yankee and Don Omar. Timbaland said he's never taken a Zumba class, but "thought it was interesting." He performed at the Zumba Instructor Convention in Orlando, Florida, last month. Timbaland is executive music producer for the hit TV series "Empire." He has produced hits for Missy Elliott, Aaliyah, Nelly Furtado and others. "That's what I am — I am music. I try to find all different types of avenues to express my talent when it comes to music," he said.


Beyoncé Talks About The Story Behind ‘Drunk In Love’

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Arguably, Beyoncé has become the biggest popstar in the world. While Taylor Swift and Adele might just overtake her in sales, no one has a bigger cultural impact and holds more musical significance than Beysus does today. When we were first introduced to the Houston-born singer in Destiny's Child in the '90s, no-one could have anticipated that Beyoncé would go on to have one of the most successful solo careers of all time. But what are the stories behind the hits that made Beyoncé the Queen B? Here is the story behind the ‘Detail’ and ‘Timbaland’ produced tune ‘Drunk In Love’.

'Drunk In Love' was written while Beyoncé was actually getting drunk. While 'Drunk In Love' wasn't meant to be the lead single off of Beyoncé's self-titled visual album, the way the record was released and the fact that radio execs were just sent the whole record to pick the songs they wanted to play, meant that sheer popularity forced the track into public consciousness. In a making-of video uploaded to YouTube, Beyoncé said that she wrote about 80 songs for the project. "[I]t was the songs that were more effortless for me that stuck around that I still love that I loved a year ago when I recorded them," she said.


The Lox Are In The Studio With Timbaland

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The wait for a studio album from the Yonkers, New York rap trio known as The Lox (Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss) may soon come to an end. Sheek Louch and Styles P spoke briefly on the album, tentatively titled We Are The Streets 2 with XXL Mag two year ago and they have been in the studio with Timbaland today. “What fans should expect is a full length LOX album and three solo albums,” Styles P added. The previously worked together on ‘We Are The Streets16 years ago on the tune ‘Ryde Or Die Bitch’ featuring Timbaland, Eve and Drag-On, stay tuned for more information.
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The LOX - Ryde Or Die Bitch feat. Timbaland, Eve & Drag-On (00') *instagram.com/realholidaystyles

Ms. Jade - Talking Dirty feat. Timbaland (02')

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After exactly 14 years later, we finally get the full version of the Timbaland produced tune ‘Talking Dirty’ by Ms. Jade. This is considered one of the rarest Timbaland tune, the BeatClub signee Ms. Jade released her debut album ‘Girl Interrupted’ back in 2002 entirely produced by Timbo The King and few of the gems didn’t get the actual album like this tune, which only a snippet leaked, check out the full tune below thanks to random.

Ms. Jade - Talking Dirty feat. Timbaland (02')

Timbaland & Magoo - Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix) (Instrumental) (16’)

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And here is another remake of Kaizer Soza, this time around he remade the ‘Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix)’ beat by Timbaland & Magoo from their 1997 album ‘Welcome To Our World’.

Timbaland & Magoo - Up Jumps Da Boogie (Remix) (Instrumental) (97’)

Timbaland Teams Up With Scott Storch For ‘Zumba’

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Timbaland and longtime collaborator Scott Storch have been in the studio to work on some new muzika for the project ‘Zumba’, a dance fitness program created by Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez during the 1990s, you can check out a snippet below. Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
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Missy Elliott - Busa Rhyme, Dangerous Mouths & U Can't Resist (Instrumentals) (DJ) (1999)

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Producer Jacob C. Thompson aka Kaizer Soza managed once again to remake Timbaland’s classic Instrumentals by Missy Elliott with ‘Busa Rhyme’, ‘Dangerous Mouths’ and ‘U Can't Resist’, check out the Instrumentals below.

Missy Elliott - Busa Rhyme (Instrumental) (DJ) (99') Missy Elliott - Dangerous Mouths (Instrumental) (DJ) (99') Missy Elliott - U Can't Resist (Instrumental) (DJ) (99')

Timbaland At VH1’s Hip Hop Honors With Nelly Furtado & Co.

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Timbaland & Nelly Furtado are at the 36 minute mark.


Timbaland Talks SubPac With TechCrunch.com

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By Jessica Naziri. The future of listening to music is feeling it, according to Timbaland. Everyone likes a good vibration — which is why recording artist Timbaland teamed up with SubPac, a Los Angeles-based startup that has created a wearable device set to redefine entertainment through new immersive physical-sound technology. Timbaland says he is on a mission to bring the feeling back (he’s already brought sexy back with Justin Timberlake) by connecting his passion of music with technology to revolutionize the way we consume, listen to and interact with music.

“You’re going to change the word listen to feel,” says Timbaland. “It’s about whole body, completing the experience.” It’s no secret that digital has disrupted the industry, but it is now being embraced in innovative ways. SubPac’s immersive physical-sound technology tries to bring music to life, expanding beyond an audio concept to a full-body experience. SubPac is creating its own physical-sound category through two unique products: the SubPac M2, a wearable vest, and the SubPac S2, a seatback device.


Timbaland Performs At Annual Zumba Convention Fitness Concert

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Pictures by Vijay Lalwani. Grammy award-winning producer Timbaland linked up with reggae superstar Shaggy during the 2016 Zumba Instructor Convention Fitness Concert in Orlando. Timbo headlined a lineup that included Zumba’s creator, Beto Perez, 7-year old viral hit Balang, and Pop/R&B girls group Obs3ssed. Timbaland and co. performed in front of more than 7,500 Zumba instructors from around the globe dancing in-sync with choreography to their music.

Timbaland With Beto Perez Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com

Timbaland With Alberto Perlman & Beto Perez Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com