Kanye West To Collaborate With Timbaland On ‘Yandhi’

Kanye West is working on his new album and will allegedly collaborate with Timbaland on the new album titled ‘Yandhi’. After working on five albums last year for himself and his G.O.O.D. Music cohorts, it appeared as though Kanye West would be releasing a sixth on Black Friday but it didn’t release, stay tuned for more information!


Timbaland Projects Of 2019

This are some of highlights of the collaborations we can look forward of 2019, the complete list is HERE.

2 Chainz
- Untitled

Groove Tails (2019)
Executive Producer

Joe Jonas
- Untitled

Missy Elliott
7th Studio Album
Confirmed Tracks
- Warped feat. Sebastian, Timbaland & Magoo
- Murder She Wrote feat. Lil' Kim & Eve
- School Bell Ring feat. Timbaland
- Pin The Tail
- Patty Cake
- Pre Madonna/Prima Donna
- Real Hip Hop
- Bounce It Up & Down
- Love

A Re-Cap Of All Tracks By Timbaland Of 2018

Here is a Re-Cap of all productions by Timbaland of the year 2018.

I Don't Need Your Love (Promo) (July 2)
- I Don't Need Your Love (July 2)
(Produced With Federico Vindver & Rob Knox)

Bruno Martini & Shaun Jacobs
Youngr (Promo) (October 18)
- Youngr
(Produced With Bruno Martini)

Jane Zhang
Adam & Eve (Promo) (October 10)
- Adam & Eve
(Produced With Jim Beanz)

Rapper Saweetie Talks Working With Timbaland

Rapper Saweetie sat down with Billboard to talk about the inspirations for her new single ‘Pissed’, her creative process for visuals and working with Timbaland. “It was dope. I feel like he's so young with all this energy. I know a beat is good for me when I can just start rapping. It's usually hard for me to do that. I might even mumble something. I feel like his sound is cohesive with mine. I like that 808 and bass in his production, and he makes sure there's a lot of that inside the beats he gives me.” gfdgfdgfg