JR Castro - FMN feat. Timbaland (15’)

Few R&B singers can make such a hip-hop splash with their debut mixtape, but singer JR Castro came with plenty of celebrity co-signs when he debuted in 2015. Based out of Las Vegas, the Miguel-like vocalist was discovered by Timbaland and released now his Timbaland collaboration titled ’FMN’, check out the tune below. artworks 000137056637 b8bmre t500x500

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Timbaland x Vulture.com Interview, Talks Empire, Not Joining Suge Knight & Ruling The Mixtape Era Soon

By Erik Parker. Chart-topping producer Timothy “Timbaland” Mosley has always been a bit of a showman. When music moves him, his eyes bug out, his face turns cartoon-character elastic, and his body shifts in all directions. One credible theory — okay, my own — maintains that he’s spent so much time connected to his ASR-10 sampling keyboard that the two have melded mainframes. With his cyborg superpowers.

The Virginia Beach native has provided the bounce to Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin’,” the groove to Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me A River,” and his fidgety wall of sound to artists of all stripes (Missy Elliott, Britney Spears, Kanye West, and many more). Now, as the executive producer of music for Empire, he’s busy building another type of, well, empire. In its second season, Timbo continues to lay stellar tracks for a rambunctious cast, led by Terrence Howard (Lucious Lyon), who plays the diabolical head of a fictitious rap dynasty.


Pusha T.'s 'Darkest Before Dawn' Is Due December 18th

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Pusha T.'s been building hype for his sophomore solo album for most of 2015, which was, up until yesterday, going to be called King Push. During an interview with Noisey, though, the rapper explained that he had so much material he wanted to put out that he would be releasing two albums instead of one -- King Push will be pushed (no pun intended) to the spring of 2016 to make room for the just-announced Darkest Before Dawn, which will drop Dec. 18.

"I’ve been recording so much -- I didn’t want to break up that body of work," the rapper told Noisey. "I feel like I had the producers doing things that they weren’t usually known for, a little out of their wheelhouse. I wanted to give the fans that body of work. That’s the music I love, and that’s the music that my fans love from me.

Instead of having those moments throughout King Push, let’s just separate the game."
Pusha confirmed that Darkest features collaborations with Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, The-Dream, Jill Scott, Kehlani, and Beanie Sigel. It also features production from Kanye, Hudson Mohawke, Pharrell, Q-Tip, Timbaland, and Diddy.

Timbaland Hints Collaboration With Drake For ‘Views From The 6′

NYMag’s culture site Vulture sat down with producer Timbaland recently and straight-up asked him if he was involved in the project and the super producer remained coy. „Are you on Drake’s Views From the 6? I could be.“ Most all artists over-record for their albums, so it’s entirely possible that Timbaland had a hand in the Views process but is unsure what has and hasn’t made the cut. Tim goes on to praise Drake for his present positioning in the game with the following quotes:

“I ain’t trying to be competing with no Apple, but the flow of music runs through either me or Drake. I’d rather team up with people like Drake.” “Drake is on everything. All that stuff I thought about five, six years ago. But what happened is life. Now I’m getting back to it, like, ‘Okay, you jumped the boat, but I started this.'” “I look at him like he could be related to me because he’s part of music. That boy’s doing a good job. You can’t compete with Drake because he got it. You gotta shock people in another way.

I think Timbaland and Young Thug is more shocking than Drake. Because you know what Drake is. But you never saw what Timbaland and Thug is. You never saw what Timbaland and Rich Homie Quan is. You never saw what Timbaland and Migos can do. You’ll be like, ‘You see the difference between what Timbaland did [compared to the old]?’ That will be the talk. And that will be a ‘View,’ along with his Views. You gotta find a way to stand beside that dude.”


Nyemiah Supreme - Supreme B@$#H (15’)

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Tinashe - Stunt/Cry Me A River (Cover) (Rinse x Metropolis Sessions) (2015)

Timbaland - Hands In The Sky (Snippet) (15')

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Now this is what im talking about, this snippet is so dope that I had to extend it, I hope something like this will be on textbook timbo and not those other tunes that have already been released, check out out the tune below.


Pusha T. - Untouchable (Official Video) (2015)

Directed by Harrison Boyce.

The Complete Empire Season 2 OST - Episode 8 (2015)

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Here are The songs from Empire’s Episode 8: My Bad Parts, make sure to cop the muzika on iTunes.

Episode 8: My Bad Parts
01 - Bre-Z - Daddy's Little Girl 02 - Jussie Smollett - Ready To Go 03 - Yazz & Bre-Z - Rap Battle 1 04 - Yazz & Bre-Z - Rap Battle 2

Timbaland’s ’Between The Lines: The Emperor Of Sound’ Book Signing Promo


Any conversation about the greatest producers of all time must include Timbaland. Timothy Mosley emerged in the Nineties with a series of beguiling records that changed the course of hip-hop and R&B; in short order, he launched a career in pop, helping to create unforgettable hits for Justin Timberlake, Nelly Furtado and Jay-Z. The open-minded, genre-hybrid approach that dominates contemporary production would be hard to imagine without Timbaland's example.
The famous beatmaker's memoir, modestly titled The Emperor of Sound, arrived. Somewhat like a Timbaland beat, the volume takes a lot of strange jumps — ignoring, for example, the recording of the classic first Missy Elliott album — but the book still contains a wealth of interesting details. Check out the video above that starts from part 15:15 and here are 10 key revelations.