Beyoncé - Blow feat. Pharrell & Timbaland (Remix) (14')

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Here is the Remix to Beyoncé’s ‘Blow’ tune from the Platinum Edition (EP) (due November 24th), which is only a feature Remix which means the beat is the same, it only has Pharrell singing on it, produced by Pharrell Williams and Timbaland, make sure to cop the EP on iTunes, check out the tune below.

Beyoncé - Blow feat. Pharrell & Timbaland (Remix) (14') Beyoncé - Blow (Official Video) (2013) Image Hosted by
Beyoncé - Beyoncé (Platinum Edition) (EP) (2014) (November 24th)

  1. 7/11 (Detail)
  2. ¤¤¤Flawless feat. Nicki Minaj & Chimamanda Ngo (Remix) (Hit-Boy, Rey Reel)
  3. Drunk In Love feat. Jay-Z & Kanye West (Remix) (Detail, Timbaland)
  4. Ring Off (Mike Caren)
  5. Blow feat. Pharrell & Timbaland (Remix) (Pharrell Williams, Timbaland)
  6. Standing On The Sun feat. Mr. Vegas (Remix) (Sia)    


Tink - Round The Clock (No Charlamagne Version & Instrumental) (14')

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After premiering a Snippet off Tink’s new track ‘Round The Clock’ featuring Charlamagne Tha God from her anticipated Debut Album last night on The Breakfast Show, the full tune just came out produced by Timbaland and his newest protégé Milli and shoutout to Mika aka DJ Freakiii, who managed to remove Charlamagne and also made a Instrumental off 'Round The Clock'. There is also a new Tink tune that’s been recorded by Timbaland once again on his Instagram Page you can check all tunes below.

Tink - Round The Clock feat. Charlamagne Tha God (14') Tink - Round The Clock (Instrumental) (DJ Freakiii Edit) (14')  Tink - Round The Clock (DJ Freakiii Edit) (14') Tink - Untitled (November 21st) (14')

Timbaland Previews Two New Tink Tracks Including Rick Ross’ ‘Movin’ Bass’ feat. Tink (Alternate Version)

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While being on The Breakfast Show, Timbaland has been praising Tink a lot these days where he previewed three tunes on the Show by his new artist ‘Tink’, including Rick Ross’ ‘Movin’ Bass’ (Alternate Version) featuring Tink. I’m pretty sure that you guys heard all those tunes before on Timbaland’s Instagram Page, but these are all studio versions. He also previewed ‘Doesn't Take Much‘ and my favourite of all the snippets that leaked yet ‘Round The Clock’. I’ve managed to cut the tunes off, so you can check out the tunes below.

Tink - Doesn't Take Much (Snippet) (14') Tink - Round The Clock (Snippet) (14') Rick Ross - Movin' Bass feat. Tink & Jay-Z (Alternate Version) (14’)

Sleigh Bells – That Did It feat. Tink (14’)

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This past March, Sleigh Bells shared a SXSW stage with up-and-coming Chicago rapper-singer Tink. "I immediately thought she was incredibly badass," says Sleigh Bells singer Alexis Krauss. "She's like a firecracker – she has an incredible stage presence and charisma." You can feel that energy on "That Did It," the track Sleigh Bells cut with Tink when Red Bull – which had sponsored the previous showcase – put the artists together in a New York studio this June.

"I sat with her in the booth for a while just talking about what the theme of the song was," says Krauss. "She was furiously jotting down notes, and I stepped out." When she ducked back in a few minutes later, Tink had written the verse that opens the song. "I was like, 'OK, cool. You know what the fuck you're doing,'" Krauss says. "It was a joy working with somebody who was that good and that fast."

The song's title and hook come from an unrehearsed ad-lib that Tink used during the recording process. "We were getting her monitor levels set up, and she was asking for more vocal as the track was playing, and she said, 'Oh, that did it. That did it,'" says Miller. Adds Krauss: "Derek and I looked at each other, and it was this total aha moment." Check out the tune below.


Tink - Winter's Diary Mixtapes 1 & 2 (2012/14)

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Here are Tink’s Winter's Diary Mixtapes 1 and 2 released in 2012 and this January.

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Tink - Winter's Diary (2012)
01 - Intro (Winter's Diary)
02 - Can I
03 - Bonnie
04 - Slide On Me
05 - At Night
06 - Ride That Beat
07 - April Showers
08 - Bad Girl
09 - Home Comin'
10 - Friends With Benefits
11 - Wake N' Bake
12 - Introduce You feat. L.A. Van Gogh
13 - Mr. President
14 - Blue Jeans
15 - Gone For Good
16 - Feeling Myself feat. Ricoo

Total Size: 51.53MB

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Tink - Winter's Diary 2 (2014)
01 - Fly Away
02 - Treat Me Like Somebody
03 - Lullaby
04 - HML
05 - Dirty Slang feat. Rockie Diamonds
06 - Freak Like Me
07 - Money Ova Everything
08 - Your Secrets
09 - When It Rains
10 - Time
11 - Count On You
12 - Fight It
13 - Talkin' About feat. Lil' Herb
14 - 2 & 2
15 - The Confession

Total Size: 114.28MB