Cherish MiE - "Moment Of Silence" & "Dance Wit Me"

Hey everyone it's been a long time without Cherish MiE's Moisture Mondays right? Well they finally have come back! In the words of Cherish she says about this:
"It’s another blessed, bright and FANTATASTIC MONDAY! Our latest leak today is entitled “Moment Of Silence” . I produced and wrote this track initially for the “Eargasms” collection but it did NOT make the cut sad to say! The creation process behind this song was just a simple concept of taking a heartbeat..slowing it down..and tweaking it to become a kick drum that drives the track. The rest of the song was simply a freestyle that I was playing around with and ended up coming up with a deep and sexy concept. Now I wont tell the actual meaning of “Moment of Silence” but if you take a deeper listen ..It’ll be very apparent! With that being said …ENJOY! Hopefully you guys gather the subject matter and if you dont… ASK MiE!
Much love!"
Also Special mention goes to our own 'TimboDaKingFan' for always showing his strong support and love towards StarChild Productions!

And also here's a SURPRISE! Not only did we get that song above, but we also get a Secret Snippet which is an OFFICIAL TRACK off the “EARGASMS” Collection! Entitled "Dance Wit Me"
Secret Snippet by cherish-mie

So WOW! What a season for music right?

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