Madonna - "Latte" MASTERED VERSION

Last year in September a whole lot of Madonna songs recorded during the "Hard Candy" sessions leaked, and among them was the demo version of "Latte", well now today we get the final, mastered version of the song which also includes some backing vocals by Justin Timberlake. Also a quick history of the song: At first it would've appeared on "Hard Candy" but however Timbaland wanted it for Shock Value 2 and call it "La La" yet it never ended up on either albums... Also most Madonna fans insist that the song is called "Pala Tute" (aka Lela Pala Tute, translation: The Madness of Love). So call it what you may, but the main point here is to enjoy this Madonna/Timbaland/Justin Timberlake/Danja collaboration!

Props go to Edwin from the Danja Blog for the heads up on this song!

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