Carishma Ft. Timbaland - "Keep Hangin' On" (New Version)

As the title suggests we now have a new version to "Keep Hangin' On" which is being re-released in this version, in other words this is the final version of the song now.
You can still download it from her website
So do you prefer this version or the old version?


  1. this is somekind of a shitty remix that has nothing to do with tim except his vocals.

    definitely not a "new" or a "final" version.

  2. This IS the final version, Carishma, her management and the rest of team re-did the instrumental, this ain't no remix

  3. This is hot. You think with Tim's new direction this is going on tha Shock Value 3!?!?

    1. this is not for Shock Value 3, but i think its safe to assume we might get similar sounds