FAQ: Your Ideas

Ok everyone I've had this site up for a while now so I want to now know what should I and my fellow admins do to make this site better?

It has been suggested to me that I share lots of Timbaland songs, both new ones and old, and some that you may have never heard of...

I'm also having the banner updated and redesigned so it looks more attractive haha, but the BIG QUESTION is what do YOU GUYS & GIRLS want to see us try do?
Leave your responses ONLY IN THE COMMENTS, look forward to your ideas and suggestions!


  1. only post stuff that is related to TIMBALAND, Rojal Court, J Roc, Hannon Lane and so on !!

    DO NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT ANY WIZZ DUMB ARTISTS, or garbage that is produced by some random producer.


    If theres any good information, post it up! Posts do not have to be a mile long. They can contain useful information and also be short.

    And admins, be normal. Don't let the "fame" get into your heads. *hint* _the dicks at TTB_

    1. i totally agree with u man in everything , and yeah thomas don't let da fame get into u like the dicks at the TTB lol

  2. hahahahaha ttb flopped ig time. i called this so long ago. i also called that venture loves the cock....

  3. For sure I think all can agree with 'Anonymous'.
    I really think most Timbaland fans would prefer info mainly regarding Timbaland and/or people working really close. I would for isntance call the 'Never Ever' post of Keri has a good example to illustrate this. Ok, Keri is kind of Timbo related, but do we really need this info of her doing some songs/demo's with Polow (in my opinion mediocre)or other unrelated producer? I would say it's o the border, and probably the wrong side. Of course I can understand the post, you want to keep the blog lively which at times might be difficult with little news from Tim himself.

    So, I suggest:
    -releasing old songs, with some nice platform (Timbo song of the week, guess the snippet, lists of best, old videos/footage,
    -a call for a collabrative work with all Timbo fans to create a complete and up to date production discography (for Timbaland and possible Danja, Hannon Lane, Jim Beanz, Wizz Dumb, etc.)
    -contests (mash-ups, beats)
    -promote social media activity (as in promoting to bombard timbaland with messages that he should team up with Danja for the fans, and do other cool things we want)

  4. I'm really valuing all your opinions on this people, be sure that all your words are being taken into account and from February onwards I'll start putting most of these into affect.