Rico Bmore - "Up Up & Away Remix"

Well here it is! It was gonna happen on a beat like this but Rico Bmore (yes he does work for Timbaland Productions) made a remix to "Up Up & Away". Personally I think it's more of a freestyle than a remix here but hey the song is the song check it:

Any thoughts anyone?
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  1. this shit gay.. i'm not even gonna hit the play button

  2. my comment was deleted so im posting it again. this time even more elaborate. if it gets deleted I will post again. Freedom of speech baby.

    Rico is the whack. Tim needs to stop gettin these mediocre artist n producers. the only person i rate in his current camp is Wizz.

    None of Hip Hop artist take him serious anymore. You think Tim would be making all this pop shit if Hip Hop was still calling for him. Only time a hip hop head looks 4 tim is when they need his Name to be on there album so there shit can be more credible.

    stop w/ the garbage/unmarketable rappers like rico & doe.
    stop w/ the garbage producers like j-roc
    stop w/ the pop music plz

    bring back that 90s and early 2000s Tim.

    Link back w/ ppl that actually have talent like Tweet, Kiley Dean, Ms. Jade, Magoo, Jimmy Douglas, Danja, Ginuwine, Bubba

    Give us that Crew feeling again.

  3. which comment got deleted?