Lyrica Anderson - "Love Me"

Well here is the debut single by the lovely Lyrica Anderson in the form of "Love Me". The video above features Lyrica in a mental institute for apparently forcing her boyfriend to 'love her'. Very simple but saucy as well. So what do you think? Is Lyrica the 'next' Keri Hilson?
This song is indeed a Wizz Dumb production, so big ups to the Dumb Drumbs man himself!
BIG PROPS to go King for the early heads up, sorry man I didn't recognize your input before.


  1. Yep, Lyrica confirmed that wizz produced it all by himself!

  2. That's what I thought.. This is no Tim, but Wizz did a good job on this on! One of my favorites Wizz Dump's so far!

  3. I like this!
    Good job Wizz Dumb!!