Timbaland & Missy Elliott's Albums out in June

Well everyone here's the news we've all been waiting for, a release month at last for Missy's & Tim's albums! (Though it is still unconfirmed it the will be titled "Block Party" & "Shock Value III" respectively).
To quote the video below:
“Me and Missy are both coming with our albums at the same time, and it will be in June.
Right now, we’re preparing to get both our videos, our first singles, shot kinda at the same time. We want to do it as a movement and spontaneously.
I just don’t want to move too ahead of her and she don’t want to move too ahead of me, so we’re both doing it at the same time.”

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So this means we'll have a summer release of both albums and in the next coming months we can most likely expect a lot of spoilers, stay tuned!


  1. june ?? c'mon, that's too long time to to wait..

    and i'm sure BOTH will NOT drop on that time. they'll change it for sure.

  2. plus i can't see that damn video clip