"Bank Robber", "Show Dat Bra" & "Dippin In My Cadillac"

Everyone has them and they're all over the net, there's no real reason to keep them "secret" anymore... So here they are:

1) Justin Timberlake Feat. James Fauntleroy - Bank Robber (Prod. by Timbalad)

Well, it's definitely nice to hear some new Timbo/JT, also cool to get a new James Fauntleroy demo. Sounds pretty cool, too bad it's unfinished. I also like JT shouting out other artists, such as Attitude or Lil Wayne.

2) Timbaland Feat. Bran'Nu & Attitude - Show Dat Bra

Well, I have no idea why this joint didn't make the cut to SV2 cause it's straight fire. Tim's rap is awesome on this one, and... Brandy's murming the Transformers theme in the background! Wow!

3) Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross - Dippin' In My Cadillac

This one is pretty weird. That strange electronic "beeping" throughout the song reminds me of some old G-Funk demos like 2Pac's "Untouchables" where Snoop was also featured in. The drums sound 100% Danja, almost identical to the ones on "That's Tha Homie". I love the way Snoop is using Ross' flow on this one, sounds really funny!

So what do you think of the new tracks? Tell us!


  1. Show Dat Bra is sick! Got that Transformers Melody vocal ;) (brandy - Believer)

    Bankrobber and Dippin' In My Cadillac are dope too!
    Shock Value 3 gonna be sick!!

  2. "Show Dat Bra" is da shiznit !!

    Dippin is aight, and Bank Robber.. hmmm well.. i wish we had gotten something else instead of that one..

  3. that ross and snoop song sounds dated... has to be 4-5 years old.

  4. I think the Ross and Snoop song is from 2006. It has that "Make Me Better" feel to it. That song was '07, but "Dippin" could definitely be that Snoop/Ross song that was created for Snoop's Blue Carpet Treatment that came out in late '06.

  5. the branu song is awesome...def agree it shoulda been on SV2...I was very disappointed with bank robber...
    snoop is my dog...