EXCLUSIVE: Lil Mo - 5 Minutes (Timbaland Remix) FULL VERSION!

YES! After so many years after the release of the Why Do Fools Fall In Love soundtrack we're proudly introducing you to the FULL VERSION of the long anticipated Timbaland remix of 5 Minutes! That's right folks, it's FULL! First of all, BIG PROPS to our man Kyle Daniel (@Hey on the blog chat) for sharing this amazing song with us! You're a real hero bro, bigger than Schwarzennegger and Van Damme combined!

Ok people, now everyone go add Kyle on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KPDaniel17) and show him some love! He definitely deserves it! And now here's what you all have been waiting for, enjoy!

It's amazing how much our blog has grown from the time we've started it, and it wouldn't be possible without you, fans! And this is how we say THANK YOU. :)And once again, don't forget to thank Kyle for sharing this amazing song with the community!


  1. AWESOME BEATTT!! I appreciate you guys for continuing the timbaland blog community!!!! LOVE U GUYS!!!