Timbaland to Launch Liqueur Line

Coming fresh from Forbes.com we learn that Timbaland is going against what track eleven of Shock Value II and that is in July Tim will release his own line of Liqueur called "Le Sutra"!!
Take a sip of this article from here:
“I make sexy music, and this is a sexy liqueur, it’s like the perfect match.”
Timbaland says Le Sutra will be in the same vein as Nuvo, the ubiquitous Diageo-backed drink shilled by the likes of T-Pain, Jeremih, Wale, Pusha T and Lloyd Banks.
Although the veteran beatmaker recently performed at a Hennessy event in New York, he’s quick to point out that Le Sutra isn’t a one-off endorsement deal for him. Timbaland has an equity stake in the liqueur, as he does with nearly all his ventures. “I am an owner,” he says. “I own everything I do, from my publishing to my music. I don’t do anything unless I own it.”
Timbaland plans to cook up some recipes that combine Ciroc and Le Sutra, though he’s more than happy to drink his liqueur on its own. “It’s like somebody just was thinking about me when they brought it to me. I’m not a heavy, heavy drinker, it’s perfect for me. I can walk around all day and get a buzz. It’ll boost me up for the meeting and not make me feel like I’m slurring.”
Well well well, it was gonna happen soon, and it finally has! Any ideas what the price tags may be on the drink?
Props once again to "Bieber, Just In Bieber" for the heads up, CHEERS!

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