Interview with TimboDaKingFan (Blogger Admin)

1. Cudos for the Admin Interviews idea, so as the one who came up with this scheme, you’ll be the first TimboDaKingFan, so when did you first hear Timbaland’s music?
It was on the radio. Classic tunes from Babygirl Aaliyah (RIP) like “One In A Million”, “Try Again”, “We Need A Resolution”, “More Than A Woman” and also classic tunes from Ginuwine & Missy Elliott! 

2. You’ve been a fan for quite a while now, and you show it all the time, what’s your secret?
My secret is that I´m always up-to-date & blessed!

3. On your Twitter account you have people like Timbaland himself and Missy Elliott following you, how did these come about so others can connect with them?
Firstly I need to say THANKS GOD, I´m very blessed for this!!!! I think the best way to get in touch with artists, actors etc. is via Twitter! So if you haven´t got an Twitter account be sure to get one NOW (lol)! Anyways I´m very BLESSED to have such AMAZING & ADORABLE followers like Timbaland himself, Missy Elliott, Swizz Beatz, Lyrica Anderson, rapper D.O.E., Jim Beanz & more! If you´re getting your Twitter account be sure to follow me at @TimboDaKingFan & of course our official The Timbaland Passion account @TimboPassion and I´ll follow back! Just let me know! ;)

4. You were once trying to get Rico B-More into Germany for a live performance, what was the end result of that venture?
The end result was that most of the discos I requested didn´t replied because they don´t heard about Rico. Shortly after sending my requests I´ve started music academy and getting busy with that! Very sad but hopefully a performance will be possible very soon!!

5. Every time a Timbaland single comes out, you are instantly on it, are there any singles you’ve heard that you don’t enjoy?
Well Timbaland is my idol! I never can say that there is a single I don´t enjoy. I love ALL of his songs. He got creativity, he got MAGIC! He´s working on all music genres and I love that!

6. What Timbaland album is your favourite thus far? (Including Timbaland Thursdays)
I love ALL albums! (lol) But to answer your question… I think it´s “SHOCK VALUE” because you´ve got all kind of music genres on it: Pop songs as well as rock songs, Hip Hop joints, a “love song (“Apologize”) & a song with a legendary artist named Elton John. 

7. As for Timbaland productions, which collaboration do you think has the best chemistry?
Another question I would answer with more than one name! (haha) But for me da Queen of Hip Hop Missy Elliott & Timbaland got the best chemistry together!

8. Aside from Timbo’s music, what other activities by him have you admired, such as his acting or philanthropy?
Of course his acting in music videos!!! FUNNY & dope as hell! And his philanthropy on Twitter with his fans! Keep it up Tim!!

9. You also appear to be a big fan of Swizz Beatz, would it be safe to assume that Timbaland is not your only passion?
Timbaland is my BIGGEST passion but I also got some other fave producers (Like most of yall out there too) and one of them is Swizz Beatz!

10. I’ve heard that you have own “Shock Value Therapy” for when you’re feeling down or ill, care to explain what this therapy involves?
Well listening to Timbo camp´s music – DAILY! 24/7!!!

11. Before joining Timbaland Passion, were you an avid fan of other Timbaland sites, such as Timbaland Buzz and Thomas Crown Chronicles?
Of course, I daily checked out those awesome websites for news, new music, new videos… I´m a very hungry kid (lol)!!

12. Aside from all the Timbaland-related material in your life, what do your day-to-day activities involve?
The main activity of course is music academy but also Gym, hanging out with friends (Cocktails, cinema…) and my part-time job at FedEx at Cologne Bonn International Airport.

13. Let’s pretend that you have only 3 wishes, what would your 2 wishes be?
1. Being a successful owner of a record studio and working on my dream as a music producer
2. A Meet & Greet with my idol Timbaland

14. If Timbaland actually reads this, is there anything at all you would like to say to him?
Of course!
Hey Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland aka Timbo Da King,
I know you´re going to check this out one day. I can´t THANK YOU enough for being my idol, motivation & GREATEST follower on Twitter! I remember the day you´ve started following me. It was like “Oh my gosh that can´t be true!” and I asked a few people if this is true or if I actually saw a ghost (lol). They checked it out for me as well and gave me the confirmation that it´s true!
Also I can´t THANK YOU enough for growing up with your MAGIC you´ve produced all these years!
Now I´m a very proud student of music, super excited for your new album (and hopefully world tour) and for a Meet & Greet!!!
May God Bless you, the whole Timbo camp and your family!!!! Shoutouts to everyone!!! #supafriends4life!!!!!!!

15. It’s been awesome interviewing you, thanks for time!
Thank you for my 1st official interview!

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  1. AnonymousJune 27, 2012

    now wtf is this..

    1. My fellow admin thought I should do an interview with him and my other other admins... so I'll do that, then I might interview the fans...

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  2. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

    Seriously...these timbaland sites really need my help...

    1. Sometimes when we got nothing to post, we get stuck

    2. AnonymousJune 28, 2012

      quality over quantity.. ya feel me ?
      this site turning into a gay ass ttb...

  3. wow! lol, dunno what to say. TimboPassion, dude you dont need to be constantly posting! interviews of the admins and old tracks everyone already know?

  4. seriously he likes everything timbo does? and is taken in by that crap that timbo's music can't be be placed in a genre? again WOW!

    1. there are things that tim is doing that don't like, i just make lots of posts just to be different, as time goes on i plan on slowing the posts down, the admin interviews were not really my idea though

  5. AnonymousJuly 06, 2012

    yeah listen to haze, lmao...dude doesnt know how to run a site. look, his site is a joke.. venture and haze..all they do is go down on eachother now...