Timbaland JoJo Kiis FM Interview

Well finally we get that interview that Timbaland did with JoJo on KiisFm, and we get talks at last on SV3!

  • The Justin Timberlake tracks we're not sure if they'll make it onto the album
  • Lyrica Anderson is on the album
  • Shawn Chrystopher is on the album
  • There may be some productions by Wizz Dumb, Hannon Lane, J-Mizzle
Here listen:

My only argument is that they talk of SV3 like Armageddon!! The bad thing on that is we don't know when it'll happen, but when it does, it'll be explosive! Just give us a release date already (Tim you listen to the fans, all we need is just a date).

So let's see, the setlist of features for this album include thus far:

  1. Justin Timberlake
  2. Lyrica Anderson
  3. Shawn Chrystopher
  4. Bruno Mars
  5. Benny Benassi
  6. Sebastian
  7. Petey Pablo
  8. Dev
  9. Chris Brown
  10. Rekapse
  11. Missy Elliott
  12. Keri Hilson
  13. Deuce
  14. Lil Wayne
  15. Attitude
  16. Demi Lovato
  17. (Possibly) Pitbull
  18. (Possibly) Ne-Yo
  19. (Possibly) Rick Ross
  20. (Possibly) Justin Bieber
That's already enough artists to make a decent length album, plus any others I could've missed out on, thoughts?

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