Sebastian - "Retro" Live 2010

I haven't made a post in a while so I though I'd share a clip with y'all in case you haven't see it, a live performance of Sebastian's track "Retro", and this probably the only best clip we'll get right now for the full version of this song:
Sebby performed this on January 29th 2010 during the Shock Value 2 Tour at The House Of Blues.
I know it's not the best of quality clips out there, but otherwise all we got is a LQ snip of the chorus.
This was meant to be the second single after Wobbley Remix was released, however when I recently asked Sebastian on the status of "Cruel Intentions" he said there's no movement there, at least for now that is.
Does this mean we'll never get this Wizz Dumb-produced hit? Can we even call it a hit? All I'm trynna imply is that this is great song, which has been promised to us many times before, so can we just get it already?
One more fact, in the chorus, recorded by Cherish MiE, each syllable was recorded separately, "Re-tr-o".
Need I remind you how long ago Sebastian said he'll unleash it, dang man, just put out your album too!

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  1. too many broken promises from this camp, they are going nowhere, SV3 was supposed to be out last year.