Missy Elliott - "9th Inning" Fan Video

It's not often that I give a spot on this blog to anyone who makes fan-videos or dance routines, but I feel this particular piece was put together so well, and seeing as how we're still waiting on the official video for 9th Inning/Triple Threat, The Palace Dance Studio hailing from New Zealand have taken it upon themselves to give their interpretation of Missy's latest release. I feel this was pretty much too good to ignore, I just had to show you guys, if you haven't already yet seen this masterpiece as performed by "The Royal Family"...

So without further ado, let's do:


  1. Amazing!! Love it! Parris goebel and request dance crew had a clip for triple threat which was probably even better than this one, but they took it down after a couple of days. Wooooowwwww got this on repeat!

    1. Pity, would've really enjoyed viewing their Triple Threat clip