GhosMerck Mixtape

Howdy y'all! Hope you all been having a dope Christmas this year, even if you don't celebrate it, I still hope you've been enjoying the festivities!

Let's dig into it! Here is the new Mixtape by Suffolk, VA artist 'GhosMerck' which we'll be treating as our 2012 Christmas gift from the Timbo camp which you can download for free from Timbaland Thursdays here.

The reason I only posted these two tracks above from the Mixtape is because after listening to them I realized that we've actually heard their instrumentals elsewhere before:

"No He Didn't" uses the same beat from the Spitfiya joint "Hit U Wit No Delay"

"Nasty" uses the same beat from the Justin Timberlake/Lil Wayne joint "I Heard Something"

I love it when beats are viewed from different angles like this...
So make sure you get your copy of the album and spread the word about GhosMerck!


  1. i dont mean no disrespect, but Ghosmerck is killing lil wayne's verse on that 2nd song and he killed that first beat with his version. idk, i listened to the whole mixtape and i think he is dope, he puts me in the mindset of outkast, which is not crappy at all. as a matter of fact he's dope and what music is missing right now

  2. i checked couple of his tracks, he's not bad..but i need confirmation on who produce the tape