Outsiderz 4 Life Ft. Sincere, Timbaland - "College Degree" Throwback

Now as it's the first of the month and since 2012 has been a decent enough year for Timbaland throughout I thought I would end this year's throwbacks with a little rare track in the form of the unreleased Outsiderz 4 Life track "College Degree" which features Sincere and Timbaland.
This track was meant to be released on their 2000 debut album "Outsiderz 4 Life" but I think it was only sent to radio, and there was a video for it please anyone feel free to correct me... This track was released via Blackground Entertainment and a Vinyl promo does exist for it which contains the acapella and instrumental for this, so an appeal to anyone out there who either has it or knows where to find it, HIT US UP!

"College Degree" by Outsiderz 4 Life (produced... by ThomasCrownChronicles

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