Keri Hilson talks Third Album

It has been a MINUTE since we heard any activity from Keri Hilson! Yet finally it looks like she is ready to make a movement on her third album effort as of yet still untitled nor is there any release date yet, but we can expect it in 2013.
The album in question is described to be mesh of her first two albums, "In A Perfect World...""No Boys Allowed" and it will be a very emotional project. Kanye West is a hopeful for a collaboration and I think he will be on the album as he was on the last two and Ms Hilson has always had a thing for Mr West, so we'll just chill and see what happens...
Timbaland & Polow da Don will once again serve as executive producers on the album.
2013 is definitely looking up to be a quality year of music!


  1. Keri Hilson knows damn well she doesn't need to be working with anyone except for Danja. F--k that Zone 4, Mosley Music nonsense.

  2. Frederick how can you say that thing for polow man, he is the best so shut the fuck up don't talk shit idiot.

  3. Polow da don (first)
    Danja (Second)
    Timbaland (third)

  4. yeahh zone4 i love that saying of polow,
    wait a minute mother f****r
    but get money is my favorite always