Timbaland signs with Roc Nation

Looks like Tim is about to get Big Pimpin' in the studio now, the Roc Nation family fathered by Mr Shawn Carter has now welcomed our big boss Timbaland into their roster, most likely as a producer, artist and very likely disc-jockey!
Now it has been widely known for years that Tim has always wanted to do a full-length LP with Jay-Z just like how Jay has done in the past with R. Kelly, Linkin Park and Kanye West, as Tim believes that will "push him to his limits".
He was very close to achieving this with The Blueprint III, except some of the tracks were leaked prior to the album release and a few songs had Jay-Z auto-tuned but at the last moment J Hova removed all auto-tune from the album instead opting for D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-tune) theme instead...
ANYWHO, this is probably the best move Tim has to making his (and our) dream of Jay-Z/Timbaland entire album collaboration come to fruition...
For now let's brush the dirt off our shoulders celebrate this news!!

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