Push Atlantic Records for Missy Elliott!

Let's face the sad truth everyone, we won't get that Missy Elliott album we've been promised year after year if Missy's label Atlantic Records does no promotion at all... They barely did anything on "9th Inning" and "Triple Threat" but I don't need to say how many people were more into the Missy movement than other mainstream icons... That Ustream she did with Timbaland was legendary, and then dropping the singles right after was just explosive!
So now if we want to hear other songs on the album such as "Warped" or "School Bell Ring" we gotta get the album out there, and as it seems the only way that will happen is to pester Atlantic officials to see sense and pay attention to our begging....
Therefore a petition has been created by the MEAddicts, except with a twist: each time someone signs this petition an email is sent direct to each Atlantic Records Executives, namely their CEO, COO, A&R and President. This our chance to get our voices heard, because I'm pretty sure we're all sick of hearing  after four years "It's coming soon"
So don't delay and sign this thang, let's make this project finalized NOW!

Click Image to sign:

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