Swizz Beatz, Drake, Timbaland & Jay-Z In The Studio

Alright so some pics started surfacing of a certain quartet last night showing Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, Drake, and Timbaland seemingly goofing about. Well let's put current and past knowledge into the equation: Timbo signed with Roc Nation, Timbo been producing for Beyoncé, Timbo produced all of Justin's album with a little cameo from Jay-Z, and Drake, well he's currently working on his album now...
So mix that altogether in the cake bowl and we've got Tim's plate being filled up with lots of artists to work with now, particularly Drake. Looks like Drizzy is gonna enlist the help once again of Timbaland by producing songs for his album, and possibly do more songs with Jay-Z. Here's the interesting thing: Drake always wanted to do a song with Timberlake, so with Tim producing all of Justin's album, who's to say that he won't produce a track that has both Drake and Timberlake on it? Perhaps he already has for "The 20/20 Experience", if not there's always a chance it'll come on "Nothing Was The Same". Or more shallowly, it may never happen, but the time right now is ripe for this to come to fruition.
But long story short, these four have been lurking around the recording booth, so something is DEFINITELY going down.

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