Justin Timberlake - "Dress On" & "Body Count"

Well well, bonus tracks, we've been expecting you...
Guess we couldn't wait for the CD/Vinyl to come out yet, so here's the 2 Target Bonus tracks with production by Rob Knox to which Mr Knox claimed was "impossible" for him to do.
It's very pleasing to see right at the end of the album that Timbaland finally gets a few verses on some songs, despite being very short ones, dig it:

"Dress On"

"Body Count"


  1. Love the tracks, Knox is OK as a producer, but Timbaland is always going to be KING!

  2. Im so proud of the work you have done on this album. Robin has a huge future in this industry and I can't wait to hear what he has next. - Lisa (@lisanewton90)

  3. Haves just this two bonus tracks? No japan bonus or another bonus track?

  4. change it.. no tim

  5. The bonus tracks are sick. Robin is an amazing producer, I love him!