Missy Elliott Ft. Lil Kim & Eve - "Murder She Wrote" Prod. Timbaland

It's about time I tell you about the next step in the Missy Elliott movement, let's dig in.
You remember a while back we told you what Misdemeanor is planning on her project, well turns out the track in question was in fact "Murder She Wrote" and that the 'two homies' are Lil Kim and Eve, but most of all, IT'S THE NEXT SINGLE!!
Previously we said the record would be 'ignorant' and the track, according to Eve, is gonna be a hip-hop song except with a little reggae vibe to it (yeaah mahn).
The more exciting thing is that its got the Timbaland production signature behind it, yeaah mahn, Timbaland produced it, pretty much like he's produced most if not all of Missy's and Justin's albums.
Don't believe me? Go on and watch Eve talk about it:

If you still don't believe me, it's good, I have nothing more to say....

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