Demi Lovato - "Abracadabra" Snippet

You all begged for it, you're all going to get it, not just yet though... But we've all known for a while that Tim and Demi did a song entitled "Abracadbra" which was recorded during her Unbroken sessions. Now I just wanna clear this up before I show you the song snip, reason it's a snippet is because it's not actually finished yet, Timbaland still needs to throw in his part on the track, thoughts?

And now just for kicks, here's a little interview Demi did at Thomas Crown Studio with Sebastian, and cameos Brian Byrd and Lyrica Anderson.


  1. hurry the fuck up i wanna listen to the whole song like nowwww

  2. OMG!! Can't wait! Love Demi, Love Timbaland

  3. it's not yet finished, so stay tuned...