StompBoxx Music - "Timbaland's Trap" and Others

It's been a while since we've been hit up to post up an influence/tribute to Timbaland, but the time is ripe for it, afterall with all the buzz right now why not drive down the road of some Timmy attention?

You may remember a while back we posted a certain song (by A'Lonna), well StompBoxx contacted us to tell us more about said song which is NOT a Timbaland production and is definitely in fact one of theirs called "Beast", and you won't find said song on this site anymore. StompBoxx has however given us their songs which are heavily influenced and inspired by Timbaland, which is probably why it's so easy to confuse the similar sounder beats, they do however try not to step on Tim's toes too much haha!

For now though peep below three of the songs they have given to us to listen to, just click the images to go directly to their songs:

"Timbaland's Trap"

"Tha World Iz Mine"

"Crushin' On You" ft. @MaRell_Official

"Simpo Timbo"

So all that leaves me to say is go check out the StompBoxx Movement, and you know who to turn to should any of you need a beat, check them out by clicking this final image:

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