Timbaland on Hang w/

Well the reason there hasn't been much Timbaland music out lately is because Tim is currently pursuing  lots of business ventures, such as The UnC Team, 50 Cent's SMS Audio, Le Sutra, his plate is pretty full now, lots to eat!!
His current "meal-deal" is his latest investment into the new Hang w/ App for iPhone, and set to soon come out for the Android platform (which is good for me since I have an Android).
Basically this app does what the title says, you hang out with whomever you connect to on the app, for example if you wanted to hang with Timbaland, it would be something like this except on your phone:

So if you want to "hang with" Timbo, go grab your copy of the app NOW!


  1. I wish that stuff was on Andriod Ahh I missed him for the first time!

  2. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    Timbos the best! Nobody like him! With the beats the music and the voice!