Timbaland - "Rebirth"

Ok fine well I've already told the guys in the chat room, but it's unfair of me to do nothing more, so I just wanted to let you all know that the next Timbo album will be entitled "Rebirth" and NOT "Shock Value 3".
The reason for this is simple, Tim feels that he needs to change music again, but all the music out there already has a 'shock value' to it, so he is going to "another place" in another sound direction. Frankly this is to be expected since he started re-recording the entire project altogether, so it makes sense to change the name of it too.
Now I think we should have a little fun: ATTENTION ALL DESIGNERS, just for the heck of it come up with your own album art designs for "Timbaland Rebirth" and I'll try submit them on to him and Brian Byrd to see what they think of the fans handy work. Just use the contact form to hit us up.

Tell you what though, I'd really love to this Timmy/T.I. snippet in full on the album:

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