Chally Unmixed Instrumental

Alright you asked for it, you're getting it! Instrumental beat from Chally coming up, but first a word from our sponsors: This is an exclusive item with given to us with consent of Michael Challenger in the trust that none of us will be downloading this track, only stream it online for reviewing and listening purposes.

Now this a beat that's been designed with two artists in mind, namely Sevyn Streeter and/or Keri Hilson!
I believe the track is best suited to Keri, thhough ultimately it's up to the officials to decide, not mention the one who'll be writing for the track, Eric Bellinger (see below for a selection of his discography).
I believe Sevyn can also rock this track too, she'll be meeting up with Chally in Miami next month to try make some more magic happen. And just in case none of you have heard of her or her style, perhaps this will get you going:

Now if you could choose honestly, who do you say would fit the track better, Sevyn or Keri? Bear in mind that Ms Hilson wants a really emotional look for her next album, and that this beat is primarily designed for Ms Streeter. Otherwise enjoy this little gift guys and girls, Chally and I both decided and agreed that we can share it only for y'all!

As promised here's some of Eric's discogs:


  1. daaam this a masterpiec baeat by chally this guy is a next danjahandz

  2. This beat is incredible! I'm especially loving the last minute of the song!
    This song could be huge with an artist like Keri or Sevyn on it

    You should become Timbaland's new co-producer or sth, y'all could make magic together!