Ginuwine x YouKnowIGotSoul Interview, Talks 100% Ginuwine Album

Just about a decade ago, Ginuwine released his second album "100% Ginuwine" and proved to the world that there was no such thing as the sophomore jinx. Backed by Timbaland's production on that CD, Ginuwine was able to solidify himself as one of the top stars in R&B with hits like "What's So Different", "So Anxious" and "None Of Ur Friends Business". The multi-platinum album was a success both critically and commercially, but the impact of the CD may be the greatest achievement of all.

The album's influence is definitely noticeable if you begin to think about some of Timbaland's later projects. Some have argued that the "100% Ginuwine" album is the blueprint Justin Timberlake's music with Timbaland. YouKnowIGotSoul had an opportunity to talk to Ginuwine about the creative process behind that album, his thoughts on the upcoming Jodeci reunion, the success of TGT and his plans for his new solo album. Ginuwine also touched on almost giving up music until his fellow group members Tank and Tyrese reenergized him with the TGT project. Thanks to Buddha.

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