Timbaland Fans, Do Y’all Want A Timbaland Forum

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Alright guys, since we’ve just launched our new Forum on Grindin Version 3.0, I was thinking about giving you guys a place where Timbaland Fans can gather round and meet up on the Forum, where Ideas and views can be exchanged and discussed by the Timbaland Community.

The Grindin Forum has been created back in 2006 which was first just a Neptunes Forum but it’s more than that, It’s a place where all kind of Music and stuff can be talked and shared with each other, and the new Version of the Forum is simply amazing. It’s Streaming Live, which means you don’t have to Refresh to see New Posts/Comments, it all happens instantly plus you can Chat with each other.

So I was thinkin to unite the VA family with Timbaland and The Neptunes this time around and to give Timbo The King a Category on the Forum too, so let me know guys what y’all think about it and ofcourse we will need some Timbaland Moderators on there too, here is the Forum talk.grindin.org.

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