Mark Ballas - Kicking Clouds (EP) (2014), Get My Name (Official Video) (2014)

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Mark Ballas released his debut EP titled ‘Kicking Clouds’ on iTunes now with productions by Jim Beanz, Jo’zzy and Wizz Dumb, who also Executive Produced the album. Mark also released his Official Video to second single ‘Miss Incredible’. All tracks on the EP are produced by Wizz Dumb and written by Jo’zzy exept ‘I Can't Tell You No’, which is produced by Jim Beanz. Make sure to cop the EP on iTunes now.

Mark Ballas - Get My Name (Official Video) (2014)

Mark Ballas - Miss Incredible (Official Video) (2014) Image Hosted by
Mark Ballas - Kicking Clouds (EP) (2014)

  1. Get My Name (Extended Version) (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  2. Miss Incredible (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  3. I Can't Tell You No (Jim Beanz, Jo'zzy)
  4. No Pressure (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  5. She (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  6. I Wanna Love You (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  7. Spank Me (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  8. Why (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)
  9. Seeing Sound/Keep It Up (Wizz Dumb, Jo'zzy)

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