Rick Ross Is Disappointed That Timbaland Leaked Tink's Version Of ‘Movin’ Bass’

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By Patrick Lyons. In an interview with Sway, Rick Ross expresses his disappointment in Timbaland for leaking out another version of his "Hood Billionaire" single "Movin Bass." Timbaland caused a stir last week when he leaked out what he called the "original version" of the Rick Ross and Jay-Z track he had recently produced, "Movin' Bass."

Apparently, Rick Ross wasn't happy about the way he handled the situation. In a new interview with Sway, Rozay expresses his disappointment in the producer: "Timbaland released his version that I was real disappointed in hearing. Me and Jay created the original version. That's one of the records we vibed up when we had a couple sessions. Of course, Timbaland produced it, and I went by the studio before and he played be the version and I was like, 'I see what you did, but chill on that.

We doin' our thing on that.' I was disappointed in homie on that."
In the end, though, Ross concluded that, "We bigger than that. We bosses." Watch the full interview on hotnewhiphop.com, thanks to thepestilence.


Rick Ross - Movin' Bass feat. Jay-Z (14’) Rick Ross - Movin' Bass feat. Tink & Jay-Z (Alternate Version) (14’)

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