Here Is What Timbaland Thinks Of The Aaliyah Biopic Movie (Update)

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“Ok ok ok I've think I've made my point on how I feel so plsss don't ask me just go to @timbaland and u will see but a fan said to me Timbo chill Man U just blowing the shit up and I said true statement so fans ain't shit we can do what's done is done but what we can do is not feed into nomore but I will speak on it loud and clear !!!!!!!! Stay I will announce the time and place soon !!!!!!! Yes the whole world will hear!!!!!!stay tune” - Timbaland

Posted: November 17th. On November 15th was the premiere of the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic, Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B, and in case you were wondering, what Timbaland thought about the movie here is a Re-Cap. During the telecast of the already controversial film, the producer – who famously helped craft the singer’s One In A Million sound – posted a message on his Instagram Account regarding the film. Accompanied with a photo of the movie’s promotional poster and check out his HOT 95 Radio Interview what he has to say about the movie below.

Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B did not include the involvement of Timbaland or Missy Elliott, who also famously worked with the singer. Aaliyah’s family – who owns the rights to her recordings – were also not behind the making of the film, and therefore refused to include her music.


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