TrakGirl x Interview

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Having spent the day with TrakGirl, was able to take away a lot from the conversations we shared. Right away could tell she was focused and motivated on being a pro when it comes to not only being a Producer but also an all-star business woman. Instantly, as soon as we linked she had gifts in hand, gearing us up with her Signature TRKG hats that you’ll see many of her supporters and team members sporting around the world.

She is a star in her own right; one that shines bright but also burns a trail for future producers to follow. One of the key things that was notable about TrakGirl is her commitment to women empowerment and she explains it all started with her mother who inspired her at an early age to take a step in music because she plays several instruments, wears a go-getter’s mentality and exudes what being a strong woman is all about.

This left TrakGirl at the age of 15 beginning her journey into music production and it’s been a blessing she’s cherished every since. TrakGirl made sure to share some of her interest including producing music, songwriting, and recording her personal production sessions using her Go-Pro.  Her prior night was spent hanging out with her big homie Luke James, and recovering from all of the excitement during the Howard Homecoming week.

She then went on to speak about her upbringing in West Palm Beach, Fl where it all started, the importance of her family influences, and her thankfulness for all of the support from her friends back at Hampton University. Shortly after wrapping up breakfast we took off for The Hall Of Champions.


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