Kiley Dean’s ‘Scream EP’ On Kickstarter

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“Here's the deal:  I've been a touring background vocalist since I was 16 years old.  I left my senior year of high school to tour with Britney Spears.  WHO DOES THAT???  Me.  After two tours with Brit, I moved to Los Angeles and shortly thereafter, signed a record deal with Timbaland under Interscope Records.  I created an album with Timbaland and pretty much immediately after creating this, it was shelved, never to be heard by anyone except my die hard fans.

LOVE MY FANS.  After this heartbreak, I was compelled to start background singing again by being presented with another life-altering opportunity, this time to sing background for Madonna.  Therefore, my career was put on hold to work for one of the greatest stars this world has ever seen.  I have been employed by her for her last two tours that took me all over the world!  WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!!  However, deep in my soul is the desire to give the world music from KILEY DEAN.   The world needs to hear my voice, my words.


I've been convinced of this since I was 2 years old.  That is the heart of this project, for the world to connect with my story, feel my emotions, and hear my voice! Making music costs money.  Lots of it.  As an independent, unsigned artist,  I don't own any money trees.  Either way, two songs from the EP are already written, but need to be finished production-wise.

I will be writing many, many more songs in attempt to find two additional (perfect) songs for the EP.  Therefore, four songs total will be on the finished product.  I am working with great producers, engineers, and musicians, so I assure you this will be a project that you will thoroughly enjoy!!!  Thank you in advance for believing in me!!! What the money will be going towards and what you will be experiencing with me over the course of this kickstarter is as follows:

-Paying musicians, engineers, producers
-Photoshoot/Photographer for album artwork
-Website management

Thank you SOOO much for your support!!  I have been blessed beyond measure to be able to use my voice as my job for the last 15 Yyears!!!!  I could not do this without love and support from YOU,  and I could not be more excited about OUR project together!!  Again, THANK YOU!!!

Risks and challenges
The biggest challenge will be making sure everyone is happy with their rewards. This is my first campaign, so it will be a bit of a learning curve, but I have a precise plan to make sure I fulfill every reward.

PS: all shipping charges for rewards have been added into the campaign goal as well.

The most exciting challenge is the unknown of this next year. The plan is to get this EP done and organize a tour, hopefully very soon. If this happens, then maybe I can come perform in a city near YOU, and I will have YOU to thank for it.

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