Conor Maynard Talks Working With Timbaland (April 18th)

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By Rob Copsey. OfficialCharts.Com talked to the singer about his latest single, forthcoming album and working with Timbaland.  It's been 18 months since Conor Maynard scored his fifth consecutive Top 10 hit with R U Crazy, the first single from his forthcoming, not-yet-finished second album.

“It was one of those things that was all sent over email, so in theory I could have been completely catfished. I don’t even know how he was on email because it was all done through the label! It was so weird when he sent the demo over because it’s him singing it, and his voice is so different to mine. We might actually leave some of his vocals on the track but either way, I hope the demo leaks because he sounds great and so different on it.” “What surprised us about the song is how un-Timbaland it sounds. I don’t think it’s immediately obvious that he’s behind the song.”


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