Tink Discusses Working With Timbaland With MTV

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Tink is slowly becoming one of the most talked about up-and-coming artists in the music industry. Tink got her first taste of stardom when her rendition of Rick Ross‘ “Movin’ Bass” made its rounds on the Internet; thanks in part to Timbaland dropping it online. While the record may have gained Tink a lot of recognition, Ross wasn’t too happy about the rapper recreating his song. “I took it for what it was. The song never really got put out the proper way, but at the same time, for people to hear me next to Jay and Ross, helped me gain a lot of respect,”

Tink told MTV News. The rapper added,”If I run into Ross, and if you’re listening, and you need help making another smash, I’m still here. I’m open.” Since the online premiere of “Movin’ Bass,” Tink has dropped several mixtapes including Winter’s Diary and Winter’s Diary 2. Working alongside one of the best producers in the industry has helped the rapper-singer hone her skills as an artist. “Working with Timbaland, he gives me insight, he throws me different ways to approach the beat and those extra tips go a long way,” the rapper told MTV News.


She continued,”I know that he’s worked with some of the greats, so it’s just motivation. I feel inspired when we’re in the booth together.” Tink stated she was really nervous when she flew to Los Angeles to meet the super producer for the first time because she thought he would have an enormous ego. “I was nervous as hell. I’m thinking about everything Timbaland has done, and who he has worked with. I thought he was gonna be Hollywood,” Tink revealed to MTV. The rapper added,”I didn’t know if he would like what I had on, if he was gonna think I was corny.

When I sat down with him and we talked the conversation was so genuine.”
Timbaland publicly stated that Aaliyah spoke to him in a dream and said that Tink is “the one.” “What I want people to really understand is there will never be another Aaliyah. That’s not what he was trying to convey. Timbaland was saying that Aaliyah came to him in a dream and gave him confirmation and I really believe that that’s what happened,” Tink explained.

The rapper-singer said that Timbaland is very passionate about the music Tink is creating because it feels “classic and timeless.” Tink’s debut studio album is expected to drop later this year, and it will feature a guest appearance from Missy Elliott. Tink stated that Elliott has been a great influence for her, and she encourages Tink to never be afraid of who she is. “You have your own style, be unique, don’t be afraid. They’ll hate it at first, but then they’ll love it,” Elliott told Tink (via Sway In The Morning Radio Show).

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