Timbaland - Timbaland Presents Shock Value (Instrumentals) (2007)

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After 8 years of waiting, we finally got the proper Instrumentals to Timbaland’s ‘Shock Value’ album from 2007, hurry up and check them out below, before they’ll get deleted, thanks to DJ Dome and David Primer.

Timbaland - Timbaland Presents Shock Value (Instrumentals) (2007)
  1. Oh Timbaland (Instrumental)
  2. Give It To Me (Instrumental)
  3. Release (Instrumental)
  4. The Way I Are (Instrumental)
  5. Bounce (Instrumental)
  6. Come & Get Me (Instrumental)
  7. Kill Yourself (Instrumental)
  8. Boardmeeting (Instrumental)
  9. Fantasy (Instrumental)
  10. Scream (Instrumental)
  11. Miscommunication (Instrumental)
  12. Bombay (Instrumental)
  13. Throw It On Me (Instrumental)
  14. Time (Instrumental)
  15. One & Only (Instrumental)
  16. Apologize (Instrumental)
  17. 2 Man Show (Instrumental)
  18. Give It To Me (Laff At 'Em) (Remix) (Instrumental)

Oh Timbaland (Instrumental) Give It To Me (Instrumental) Release (Instrumental) The Way I Are (Instrumental) Bounce (Instrumental) Come & Get Me (Instrumental) Kill Yourself (Instrumental) Boardmeeting (Instrumental) Fantasy (Instrumental) Scream (Instrumental) Miscommunication (Instrumental) Bombay (Instrumental) Throw It On Me (Instrumental) Time (Instrumental) One & Only (Instrumental) Apologize (Instrumental) 2 Man Show (Instrumental) Give It To Me (Laff At 'Em) (Remix) (Instrumental)


  1. Thanks mika, I remember copping these back in the day! where's oh timbaland tho?

  2. the fuck are you talking about? I had these since the release of the album... you should find us shock value 2 instead

  3. I need to have those instrumentals. Can somebody give them to me please?