Timbaland & V. Bozeman Reveal 'Soulful Approach' For 'Opera Noir'

Timbaland is bringing passion back. The superproducer released the first single from his forthcoming album Opera Noir this week, titled “Smile” featuring V. BozemanREVOLT went to Atlantic City to catch up with the two artists and they maintained that the album will be soulful. Bozeman noted, “We really want to bring feeling back into music.  It’s like when I turn on the radio all I hear are computers now.  I don’t hear soul anymore.”

Timbaland, meanwhile, maintained that the body of work will come with visuals and tons of supporting elements. Opera Noir is about Timbaland’s life. He knows how to mix that old school with new school so well, he’s mastered it…I think Opera Noir will elevate music as a whole,” Bozeman added.

You’ll remember a few months back, REVOLT talked with Timbaland and he set the bar for Opera Noir, comparing it to Dr. Dre’s 1992 masterpiece The Chronic, saying, “When the LP comes out you will see the whole package and you’ll won’t have seen anything like this…I finally made my Chronic.”


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