Rahk x I Standard Producers Interview

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By DJ Aaron Omar. What's up Rahk. For starters, thank you for taking the time to talk directly to the iStandard Producers readers.
Thanks for having me! Its an honor.

For starters, what piqued your interest in music as a fan? Were there specific songs or artists?
I've sorta always done music. Since about 3 when I first sat in a studio session - so my intro was life itself. My mom played piano and was in choir. I grew up in the church, so u know how that goes =)


How did you transition from being a fan to deciding to pursue music production as a career?
I always knew and worked towards this being a career honestly. I knew at 5 years old that I didn't wanna be a cop or go to college or any of that. Even then, my mom can confirm that I knew I wanted to do music professionally.

What was your 1st major placement and what would you consider your biggest placement so far?
Major placement? I would say Tyga "Tygas World" as my first. Biggest would be R Kelly's single "Oreo" seeing as it was also recently featured in Magic Mike XXL movie and on the soundtrack. Kind of amazing and something I never really thought about being a reality. You know, you think about the artists you want to work with, but for me I never thought about movie placement to be honest. Shoutout to all involved.

You have an impressive list of artists that you've worked with. Do you have one interesting in-studio story that you can share?
Thanks man, I mean I'm working to make that list grow. I've been fortunate to somehow pick artists and just KNOW they would be something. I have a good ear for talent I would say.
Interesting in studio? My favorite is Missy. She's my favorite artist to work with, and she probably has done more for me creatively than she will ever know. Once we were in her home studio working and she comes in like "nah that aint it" and basically tells me it's ok to be yourself and not be stuck to use the same patterns and drums that others use. Not to always have your snare on the 2 and 4. Gotta go for the feel. I was sitting there like yo! It's crazy because I always felt that way anyway but she confirmed what I had always felt about music.
That moment to me is interesting and I think important for me to share for people who may feel like they can't do anything unless they follow the "sound". Be yourself. I promise nothing feels better than to be yourself. Missy, Thank you.

You're still rising and growing in your career but you've also achieved notable success. Do you have any advice for upcoming producers?
Best advice is patience. Things don't always happen when you want them to, man. Be patient and work hard. Gotta take your shots like they're your last one also. Everyday I'm trying to be a better producer than I was the day before. Break out of routine and produce from the heart. Nothing is gonna top that feel.

What projects are you working on currently?
V Bozeman, Tink, Opera Noire, Missy, and some other stuff that I'm sure I shouldn't be talking about haha. My own though. I always forget that. Watch out for my project. Currently untitled, but IT'S COMING!

Where can people find you online?
@Only1Rahk on everything. (IG/Tw)

Thanks again for your time.
Thank you!



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