Timbaland Is Collaborating With EQ Labs

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EQ Labs, Inc is proud to announce it has finalized its partnership with Grammy award winning rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Timothy Mosley aka Timbaland. He has contributed to history making and record-breaking music, working with artists like Aaliyah, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, OneRepublic, and Ginuwine. In addition to 17 Grammys, his musical skills have earned him awards from the AMA's, MTV, BET, VIBE, and more.

Mosley acts as the Executive Producer of Music for the mega hit show Empire that boasts over 17 million viewers. His entrepreneurial ability has been noted by the likes of Vanity Fair Magazine, calling him the man with the "hit-making touch". This touch will certainly be of great value to EQ Labs as we embark on a new adventure with him on board. His "hit-making touch" will enhance Last Shot in the market and we are excited to be fueled by his creativity and dedication.


His worldwide connections in the music and entertainment industry coupled with his business acumen make his contribution to EQ invaluable. President and CEO, Maurice Owens shares, "We are thrilled to have Timbaland on board and working with the EQ team. This is a partnership 9 months in the making. Tim's background as a worldwide mega producer and businessman will give our 3 in 1 Last Shot Cold Beverage drink the mainstream sales and marketing recognition it deserves, which means growth and increased revenues for EQLB investors."

Timothy Mosley proudly states "Mo and I have been working diligently on this new partnership for almost a year and it's a blessing to be introducing Last Shot3 In 1 Hangover Protection Cold Beverage to the North American market. I am ecstatic to be EQ Labs new business partner. I would like to thank Michelle Dennis for her hard work, as liaison, in putting this deal together."

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