Yazz - ‘Bout To Blow feat. Timbaland (15')

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Here is Yazz’ single titled ‘Bout To Blow’ that features mentor Timbaland on the tune. The single will be featured on Empire’s 3rd Episode Fires Of Heaven’, Yazz also sat down with Rolling Stone to talk about his fame and the new single, check out ‘Bout To Blow’ below.

When you go into writing the songs for your fictional character versus for yourself, how do you approach writing a song like "Bout 2 Blow"?
Normally I'm filming, or I'm on tour performing. It's a challenge to record and write, but I get it done, and I write around situations that inspire me in my life. For this particular song featuring Timbaland, it was specifically written for the character Hakeem because he wants to be the top Lyon in Empire. He has a new business now, and he's running it with his mom [laughs]. He wants to take it over and be a little mama's boy. This song right here is basically him coming into his own. It's far away from "Drip Drop," but it's still good. It's still manly.


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