Pusha T. Talks Working On ’Untouchable’, Produced By Timbaland & Milli, Now On iTunes

Pusha T
Pusha has been talking to Billboard.com where he revealed how that came about, and according to iTunes Milli Co-Produced Pusha T.’s Untouchable’. “I basically just hit Tim up one night," he said. "I work out of his studio in Virginia. He’s never there, and he literally lets me record whatever I want to record for free. So we’ve always had a rapport, simply on that note -- he never owed me no music, or no beats. But I just asked him, like 'Yo. What’s up man, I need some heat.'"

Push also explained the title. "[Timbaland] gave me the beat as is," he continued. "He gave me everything with the B.I.G. line in it. It was based around rap and feeling untouchable. He called me with that untouchable attitude, and I definitely had the untouchable rap attitude, and attacked it that way.” Make sure to cop the tune on iTunes, thanks to plm.


Pusha T. - Untouchable (Timbaland, Milli) (15')

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