Monica - Call My Name, Love Just Ain't Enough & All Men Lie (Produced By Timbaland)

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According to Jo'zzy, Timbaland also produced 'Call My Name', you can check it out below.

Monica - Call My Name (15')
Here are the Timbaland tracks from Monica’s eight studio album ’Code Red’, make sure to cop it on iTunes.

Monica - Love Just Ain't Enough feat. Timbaland (15') Monica - All Men Lie feat. Timbaland (15') *


  1. Whatever audio plugin you're using now, it doesn't work on iPhone or iPad - so please consider reverting to the previous :(

  2. the previous one has been banned by the FBI, try gettin a software to be able to play teh tunes on your phone

  3. BEAUTIFULLLLLLLLL SONGS Love Monica. Great collabs with Timbaland