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Number Fifteen: Timbaland Is the Music Producer for ‘Empire’
His first foray into television production, Timbaland came on board the hit FOX show at the request of show creator Lee Daniels. Tapped as a songwriter and song producer, much of the show’s music is written and produced by his team. Furthermore, the team earned a Grammy award for the show’s soundtrack.

Number Fourteen:  The First Album Released on His Record Label Debuted at Number One
In 2006, Timbaland started Mosley Music Group, an imprint originally distributed by Interscope Records and as of 2014, Epic Records. The first album released on the label was Nelly Furtado’s Loose, which reached number one on the Billboard charts and eventually became certified platinum.


Number Thirteen: He Was Once Temporarily Paralyzed
Before gaining attention in the music industry, Timbaland worked in a Red Lobster. At the age of 15, a coworker accidentally shot him under his arm, leaving the arm paralyzed for nine months, shrapnel in his armpit and ongoing health problems.

Number Twelve: He Has Worked with Some Uncharacteristic Artists
We all know the pop, hip-hop and R&B artists that Timbaland usually produces for. However, he has also produced music for a couple of other artists that you would not expect. For example, he produced three tracks on Bjork’s 2007 album, Volta. This includes the album’s first single, “Earth Intruders,” which was Bjork’s highest charting single ever. Similarly, he also produced three tracks for Duran Duran’s 2007 album, Red Carpet Massacre, at the request of their label, Sony. However, this collaboration didn’t go over as well with the band’s fans and it was not one of their highest charting albums. He has also collaborated with some uncharacteristic artists on his own albums. Shock Value features collaborations with She Wants Revenge, Elton John, Fall Out Boy and The Hives.

Number Eleven: He Was Once in a Group with Pharrell Williams
Around 1991, Timbaland was in a group of young musicians called Surrounded by Idiots. The group also featured a pre-N.E.R.D. and pre-Neptunes Pharrell Williams. In 2011, three tracks from the group’s heyday in 1991 were unearthed and released by Timbaland Productions.

Number Ten: He Received a High Honor at Trinity College
The highest honor, in fact. In 2008, he was inducted as an Honorary Patron into Trinity College Dublin’s elite Philosophical Society. Usually given to scholars and politicians, honor is only given to a few people every year.

Number Nine: He Recently Put Out Unheard Music from Aaliyah
When Timbaland released his King Stays King mixtape in December 2015, the album featured a number of collaborators, including a very unlikely one. The song “Shakin’,” is an unreleased collaboration with gone-too-young R&B superstar Aaliyah. When promoting the mixtape, Timbaland tweeted “Aaliyah..This is for you baby.” Back in 1996, he produced most of her second album, One in a Million, which included hits like “Try Again” and “Are You That Somebody.” Check back soon for part two of our list of 15 interesting facts about Timbaland.

Number Eight: Timbaland Had a Few Choice Words About LIFETIME’s Aaliyah Biopic
In 2014, LIFETIME aired a biopic about Aaliyah, the young singer whose life was cut tragically short in a plane crash during the prime of her career. Timbaland, who was very close to the singer and produced her music, was not a fan of the broadcast. On Instagram, he called the movie “bull****.”

Number Seven: He Was in Love With Aaliyah
In 2011, Timbaland said in his True Hollywood Story that he loved the songstress. However, it was their wide age difference that kept him from pursuing her. He told THS that he really had to fight his feelings, but, in the end, felt it would be best to just be like a brother to her.

Number Six: At One Time He Was the Most Expensive Producer in the Hip-Hop Industry
At the height of his career, Timbaland was making around $275,000 per track produced. In the early to mid-2000s, he was making even more than Dr. Dre. His price has since been eclipsed by new, hot producers, such as pal Pharrell.

Number Five: He Was a Body Builder
Having weighed more than 300 pounds and a number of health issues, Timbaland decided to take control. In 2005, he took an interest in bodybuilding and lost more than 100 pounds, and even thought about getting into the competitive arena. Recently, he got back into working out, losing another 130 pounds and showing off his progress on Instagram.

Number Four: The Story Behind Timbaland & Magoo
In 1989, Timbaland was in a rap duo with Melvin “Magoo” Barcliff, who he has known since they were teenagers in Norfolk, Virginia. As Timbaland & Magoo, they released three studio albums and had a top 10 hit with 1997 single “Up Jumps da Boogie,” featuring Missy Elliott and Aaliyah. Magoo has also made appearances on a few Surrounded by Idiots tracks.

Number Three: He Produced Michael Jackson’s Final Album
In 2014, Timbaland took on the project of producing the second posthumous album from Michael Jackson. He told MTV that the process was surreal and emotional for him, saying that it took a while for the idea to sink in. The project also reminded him a little of his feelings surrounding Aaliyah’s death.

Number Two: He’s the Emperor of Sound
Timbaland’s memoir, The Emperor of Sound, was released in November 2015. The book gives his fans a small taste of the very private producer’s life and career, detailing the creative process and telling stories about some of today’s biggest hits.

Number One: He Had a Falling-Out with Jay-Z, But They Made Up
The two musicians used to be close friends, but had a falling out a while back over some tracks leaking, what Timbaland now calls “petty personal stuff.” In 2013, the two made up and Timbaland produced Jay-Z’s album, Magna Carta, Holy Grail. He had also written an apology track for the rapper, titled “Sorry.” Thank you for reading our list of 15 interesting facts about Timbaland. We hope you enjoyed it!

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