Tink Releases ‘Winter's Diary 4’ With 2 Timbaland Tracks

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Tink just released her new Mixtape Winter's Diary 4’ with 2 new Timbaland tracks with ‘Show It’ and ‘Modern Wave’ that features also Timbaland on the tune. She also collaborated with 1500 Or Nothin', The Cookin Soul, Jahlil Beats and more. Remember Tink’s Can U Hear Me Now’ beat, well that tune is not produced by Timbaland at all, it’s produced by ‘Dyhmn’ who also made the cut with that Interlude on the Mixtape, check out the Timbaland Tracks below and download the mixtape HERE.

Tink - Show It (16') Tink - Modern Wave feat. (Timbaland) (16') Image Hosted by UploadHouse.com
Tink - Winter's Diary 4 (2016)
  1. Lime Light (Lynus)
  2. If It All Falls Down (1500 Or Nothin')
  3. Show It (Timbaland)
  4. Be Single (Interlude) (The Cookin Soul)
  5. Wet Aquafina (DJ Wes, Contraband Nabeyin)
  6. Surprizes (DJ Wes)
  7. Stay On It (C Sick)
  8. Your Side
  9. Nothing Else Matters (DJ Wes, Tyler Jasper)
  10. MVP (Jahlil Beats)
  11. Real Upgrade (DJ Wes)
  12. What Is Real Love (KC Beatz)
  13. Modern Wave feat. (Timbaland)
  14. Pullin Up (Interlude) (Dyhmn)
  15. Blood Sweat & Tears (KC Beatz)

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