Scott Storch Talks Working With Timbaland Again (June 2nd)

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For rap fans, the rise and fall of Scott Storch is uncomfortable to witness. The Miami-based producer, who once made hits with Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Beyoncé, and many other A-list artists, suffered from a cocaine addiction that peaked in the mid-2000s. The habit caused Storch to spend recklessly and burning through a $70 million fortune that lead to an inevitable bankruptcy. Scott sat down with to talk about his upcoming projects including working with Timbaland.

"One of the greatest things that has happened to me in my newest era of my career and my life is I made peace with Dr. Dre. And he and I are cool. He and Quincy Jones are my idols. It’s a blessing. I’m doing stuff with Timbaland. I’m in these rooms again, and it's serious. It’s one thing to talk about it, but look at my Instagram. You see I’m in there on the daily. I’m inspired. I smoke a s--tload of weed. I don’t drink or anything. I’m not into that. No more drugs, just straight herbs. I got a lady in my life and my children. It’s just a beautiful life and I’m very lucky. I live a great life."


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