Justin Timberlake Reveals Four Timbaland Tracks On New Album ‘Man Of The Woods’

After almost 3 years in the works, ten time Grammy winner and four time Emmy winner Justin Timberlake is set to release his fourth studio album, Man Of The Woods on February 2 via RCA Records. Justin revealed also the Official Tracklist to his fourth studio album. The 16 track album will have 4 Timbaland & Danjahandz Tracks followed by The Neptunes Tracks with 9 and Rob Knox with 2.

The album will only have Alicia Keys and Chris Stapleton as features including Pharrell and Timbaland on the vocals. The album will be available for Pre-Order alongside the release of his brand new Single and Music Video, “Filthy” co-written and co-produced by Timberlake, Timbaland, and Danjahandz with additional writing credits from James Fauntleroy and Larrance Dopson.
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Man Of The Woods marks Timberlake’s most ambitious album to date, both sonically and lyrically. Combining the sounds of traditional American Rock with the modern influences of collaborators The Neptunes, Timbaland, Chris Stapleton and Alicia Keys, this new material explores storytelling inspired by his son, his wife, and his personal journey from Memphis to where he is today. The colorful, futuristic music video for “Filthy” was directed by Mark Romanek.

Following “Filthy” and leading into the February 2nd Man Of The Woods album launch, Timberlake will release Three Additional Music Videos, each with their own individual style and color from three different directors. The additional songs will be released weekly starting on January 18th leading up to the release of the full album. Multi-talented actor and musician Justin Timberlake has sold over 32 Million Albums worldwide, sold out arenas all across the globe, received numerous awards and nominations and has wildly become one of the most highly respected entertainers in the business. You can Pre-Order the album now on iTunes.
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Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods (2018) (February 2)
01 - Filthy (Timbaland & Danja)
02 - Midnight Summer Jam (The Neptunes)
03 - Sauce (Timbaland & Danja)
04 - Man Of The Woods (The Neptunes)
05 - Higher, Higher (The Neptunes)
06 - Wave (The Neptunes)
07 - Supplies (The Neptunes)
08 - Morning Light feat. Alicia Keys) (Rob Knox)
09 - Say Something feat. Chris Stapleton (Timbaland & Danja)
10 - Hers (Interlude) (Justin Timberlake)
11 - Flannel (The Neptunes)
12 - Montana (The Neptunes)
13 - Breeze Off The Pond (The Neptunes)
14 - Livin' Off The Land (The Neptunes)
15 - The Hard Stuff (Rob Knox)
16 - Young Man (Timbaland & Danja)

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